Free eBook: Hands-On Microservices with Kubernetes

Hands-On Microservices with Kubernetes
Enhance your skills in building scalable infrastructure for your cloud-based applications

Gigi Sayfan, 502 pages, Jul 2019

Key Features

  • Learn to design a scalable architecture by building continuous integration (CI) pipelines with Kubernetes
  • Get an in-depth understanding of role-based access control (RBAC), continuous deployment (CD), and observability
  • Monitor a Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus and Grafana


Hands-on Microservices with Kubernetes will help you create a complete CI/CD pipeline and design and implement microservices using best practices. You will get hands on experience with the latest and greatest technologies, such as gRPC APIs, serverless frameworks, and service meshes.

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Chapter 1


Introduction to Kubernetes for Developers

Introduces you to Kubernetes. You will receive a whirlwind tour of Kubernetes and get an idea of how well it aligns with microservices.

Chapter 2


Getting Started with Microservices

Discusses various aspects, patterns, and approaches to common problems in microservice-based systems and how they compare to other common architectures, such as monoliths and large services.

Chapter 3


Delinkcious - the Sample Application

Explores why we should choose Go as the programming language of Delinkcious; then we will look at Go kit.

Chapter 4


Setting Up the CI/CD Pipeline

Teaches you about the problem the CI/CD pipeline solves, covers the different options for CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes, and finally looks at building a CI/CD pipeline for Delinkcious.

Chapter 5


Configuring Microservices with Kubernetes

Moves you into the practical and realworld area of microservices configuration. Also, we will discuss Kubernetes-specific options and, in particular, ConfigMaps.

Chapter 6


Securing Microservices on Kubernetes

Examines how to secure your microservices on Kubernetes in depth. We will also discuss the pillars that act as the foundation of microservice security on Kubernetes.

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