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AI Crash Course
Unlock the power of artificial intelligence with top Udemy AI instructor Hadelin de Ponteves.

Hadelin de Ponteves, 360 pages, Nov 2019

Key Features

  • Learn from friendly, plain English explanations and practical activities
  • Put ideas into action with 5 hands-on projects that show step-by-step how to build intelligent software
  • Use AI to win classic video games and construct a virtual self-driving car


AI legend Hadelin de Ponteves captures his proven AI training approach in a friendly, interactive, and hands-on tutorial book.

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Chapter 1


Welcome to the Robot World

This chapter introduces you to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Chapter 2


Discover Your AI Toolkit

This chapter uncovers an easy-to-use toolkit of all the AImodels as Python files, ready to run thanks to the amazing Google Colaboratory platform.

Chapter 3


Python Fundamentals – Learn How to Code in Python

This chapter provides the right Python fundamentals and teaches you how to code in Python.

Chapter 4


AI Foundation Techniques

This chapter introduces you to reinforcement learning and its five fundamental principles.

Chapter 5


Your First AI Model – Beware the Bandits!

This chapter teaches the theory of the multiarmed bandit problem and how to solve it in the best way with the Thompson Sampling AI model.

Chapter 6


AI for Sales and Advertising – Sell like the Wolf of AI Street

This chapter applies the Thompson Sampling AI model of Chapter 5 to solve a real-world business problem related to sales and advertising.

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