Free eBook: Learn Power BI

Learn Power BI
Solve business challenges with Microsoft Power BI's advanced visualization and data analysis techniques

Greg Deckler, 362 pages, Sep 2019

Key Features

  • Create effective storytelling reports by implementing simple-to-intermediate Power BI features
  • Develop powerful analytical models to extract key insights for changing business needs
  • Build, publish, and share impressive dashboards for your organization


This book will help you bring business intelligence capabilities using Power BI in order to make smarter decisions. You will learn data modeling, visualizations, and analytical capabilities from scratch using hands-on examples. By the end of this book, you will learn the extensive features of Power BI and how to use them to unlock business insights.

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Chapter 1


Introduction to Business Intelligence and Power BI

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Power BI, provides an overview of all of the various components that encompass the Power BI ecosystem, including Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Power BI Licensing, Power BI Premium, data gateways, Power BI Report Server, integrations with other Micro...

Chapter 2


Up and Running with Power BI Desktop

Up and Running with Power BI Desktop, shows how to download and install the Power BI Desktop. In addition to this, an overview of the major components and interfaces of the Desktop is presented. This includes the Report, Data, and Model panes; the menu tabs; and the Filters, Visualizations, and F...

Chapter 3


Connecting and Shaping Data

Connecting and Shaping Data, serves as an introduction to the Query Editor to import and transform data, including transposing data, creating custom columns, adding index columns, splitting columns, referencing queries, appending and merging queries, and other transformation functions. In additio...

Chapter 4


Creating Data Models and Calculations

Creating Data Models and Calculations, shows us how to add additional data to our model and create calculated measures. You will use the data and measures to create more advanced visuals, as well as explore your data to understand the important information it contains. You will also use the Q&A f...

Chapter 5


Unlocking Insights

Unlocking Insights, teaches us how to tell a story with our data by using more advanced features, such as Bookmarks, the Selection pane, Buttons, Drillthrough, and report page tooltips. In addition to this, you will learn about "What if" parameters and much more.

Chapter 6


Creating the Final Report

Creating the Final Report, demonstrates how to use formatting and other features of Power BI to take a mundane looking report and add flash, pop, and sizzle.

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