Free eBook: Learning Tableau 2019 - Third Edition

Learning Tableau 2019 - Third Edition
Create powerful data visualizations and unlock intelligent business insights with Tableau

Joshua N. Milligan, 504 pages, Mar 2019

Key Features

  • Explore all the latest Tableau 2019 features and redefine business analytics for your organization
  • Create impressive data visualizations and interactive dashboards to get insights from your data
  • Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business leverages data and makes decisions


Tableau 2019 is the gold standard of business intelligence and visual analytics. It empowers rapid data visualization and advanced analytics with charts, graphs, dashboards, and powerful analytic tools. This book lays a strong foundation of the Tableau paradigm and builds to advanced topics, including Tableau Prep, to make you an expert.

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Chapter 1


Taking Off with Tableau

Taking Off with Tableau, introduces the foundational principles of Tableau. We'll go through a series of examples that will introduce the basics of connecting to data, exploring and analyzing the data visually, and finally putting it all together in a fully interactive dashboard.

Chapter 2


Working with Data in Tableau

Working with Data in Tableau, focuses on essential concepts of how Tableau works with data. You will look at multiple examples of different connections to different data sources, consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of using data extracts, consider how to manage metadata, dive into detai...

Chapter 3


Venturing on to Advanced Visualizations

Venturing on to Advanced Visualizations, explores how to create the various types of views and how to extend basic visualizations using a variety of advanced techniques such as simple calculations, jittering, multiple mark types, and dual axis. Along the way, we will also cover some details on ho...

Chapter 4


Starting an Adventure with Calculations

Starting an Adventure with Calculations, focuses on laying a foundation and also gives a number of practical examples, by means of which you will understand the key concepts behind how calculations work in Tableau.

Chapter 5


Diving Deep with Table Calculations

Diving Deep with Table Calculations, explores the final main type of calculations: table calculations. These are some of the most powerful calculations in terms of their ability to solve problems and open up incredible possibilities for in-depth analysis. In practice, they range from very easy to...

Chapter 6


Making Visualizations That Look Great and Work Well

Making Visualizations that Look Great and Work Well, explains how formatting works in Tableau, giving you the ability to refine the visualizations you created in discovery and analysis into incredibly effective communication of your data story.

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