Free eBook: Learn Kali Linux 2019

Learn Kali Linux 2019
Explore the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques in Kali Linux 2019 to perform penetration testing from scratch

Glen D. Singh, 550 pages, Nov 2019

Key Features

  • Get up and running with Kali Linux 2019.2
  • Gain comprehensive insights into security concepts such as social engineering, wireless network exploitation, and web application attacks
  • Learn to use Linux commands in the way ethical hackers do to gain control of your environment


The current trend of various hacking and security breaches displays how important it has become to pentest your environment, to ensure end point protection. This book will take you through the latest version of Kali Linux to efficiently deal with various crucial security aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, access control and authentication.

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Chapter 1


Introduction to Hacking

Introduction to Hacking, introduces various types of threat actors and penetration testing methodologies and approaches.

Chapter 2


Setting Up Kali - Part 1

Setting Up Kali - Part 1, introduces you to virtualization concepts, how to build your own penetration testing lab, how to install Kali Linux, and vulnerable target machines.

Chapter 3


Setting Up Kali - Part 2

Setting Up Kali - Part 2, focuses on installing and configuring Windows and Ubuntu operating systems and troubleshooting Kali Linux.

Chapter 4


Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux 2019

Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux 2019, teaches you about Kali Linux, its features, and commands to enable you to perform various tasks.

Chapter 5


Passive Information Gathering

Passive Information Gathering, examines the passive ways to gather information pertaining to the target from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which means we will gather information about the target from publicly available resources.

Chapter 6


Active Information Gathering

Active Information Gathering, explains the active ways of gathering information using DNS interrogation, scanning, and enumeration techniques.

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