Free eBook: Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting - Third Edition

Mastering Windows PowerShell Scripting - Third Edition
This practical guide covers all the advanced PowerShell Core 6.0 functionalities that an administrator needs to learn to automate their environments.

Chris Dent, 626 pages, Feb 2019

Key Features

  • Keep up with changes introduced in PowerShell Core 6.0
  • Easily maintain appropriate compatibility with older versions
  • Automate complex tasks, manipulate data, and secure your environment with PowerShell Core 6.0


PowerShell scripts offer a handy way to automate various chores. Working with these scripts effectively can be a difficult task.This comprehensive guide starts from scratch and covers advanced-level topics along with tips to make you a PowerShell Core 6.0 scripting expert.

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Chapter 1


Introduction to PowerShell

Introduction to PowerShell, offers a brief introduction to some of the most important parts of PowerShell. Including the help subsystem, command naming, providers, and splatting.

Chapter 2


Modules and Snap-ins

Modules and Snap-Ins, explores the use of modules in PowerShell and PowerShell Core, followed by a brief look at snap-ins in Windows PowerShell.

Chapter 3


Working with Objects in PowerShell

Working with Objects in PowerShell, explores the different commands available to interact with objects. These utility commands are used again and again.

Chapter 4



Operators, takes a look at the different operators available in PowerShell. Operators are a fundamental part of life in PowerShell.

Chapter 5


Variables, Arrays, and Hashtables

Variables, Arrays, and Hashtables, takes a deep dive into the use of variables within PowerShell, including concepts such as variable scope.

Chapter 6


Branching and Looping

Branching and Looping, explores different loop operators, such as foreach, for, while, and do.

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