Free eBook: Hands-On Cloud Administration in Azure

Hands-On Cloud Administration in Azure
Explore Azure services such as networking, virtual machines, web apps, databases, cloud migration, and security

Mustafa Toroman, 390 pages, Oct 2018

Key Features

  • Understand Azure services to build, deploy, and manage workloads on cloud
  • Learn in-depth core Azure services and work through real-world scenarios and case studies
  • A concise and practical guide for learning cloud administration on Azure


Cloud offers new opportunities and more and more features every day. All services hosted in local Data Centers are now available in Azure. In this book, we’ll show you how to work in Azure and how to use Azure resources to your advantage.

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Chapter 1


Key Concepts of Cloud Computing

Key Concepts of Cloud Computing, introduces you to cloud computing and basic cloud concepts and models. The focus will be on the differences between IaaS and PaaS. We'll also explain Azure subscriptions and tenant.

Chapter 2


Azure Networking - Foundation of Azure IaaS

Azure Networking - Foundation of Azure IaaS, covers the basic Azure networking concepts that will help you get started with IaaS services and set the foundation for your environment.

Chapter 3


Infrastructure as a Service - the First Layer of Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service - the First Layer of Cloud Computing, explains how to set up and configure an Azure Virtual Machine (VM). We'll also cover how to monitor and administer VMs.

Chapter 4


Azure App Service - Hosting Web Applications without a Server

Azure App Service - Hosting Web Applications without a Server, deals with the basics of PaaS services and how to host your application with Azure App Service. We'll cover how to set up PaaS and monitor your websites.

Chapter 5


The Azure Data Platform

The Azure Data Platform, covers databases in Azure, focusing both on IaaS and PaaS services. We'll explain the differences and when to use which approach.

Chapter 6


Azure Storage, Backup, and Site Recovery - Moving your Data to Azure

Azure Storage, Backup, and Site Recovery - Moving Your Data to Azure, explains Azure Storage services and how to set up backup and DR in Azure. After we have our data in Azure, we'll explain how to use backup and DR to move to Azure from on-premises systems.

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