Free eBook: Mastering Internet of Things

Mastering Internet of Things
Augment your IoT skills with the help of engaging and enlightening tutorials designed for Raspberry Pi 3

Peter Waher, 410 pages, Mar 2018

Key Features

  • Design and implement state-of-the-art solutions for the Internet of Things
  • Build complex projects using motions detectors, controllers, sensors, and Raspberry Pi 3
  • A hands-on guide that provides interoperable solutions for sensors, actuators, and controllers


This book is your go to guide to master working on IoT. It is a practical tutorial helping you to get to grips with the concepts of IoT in form of four projects. Starting with, developing your basic IoT fundamentals using a Raspberry Pi project. Followed by, explaining advance application support by projects on publishing information in IoT.

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Chapter 1


Preparing Our First Raspberry Pi Project

An introduction to the Raspberry Pi and peripheralsand how to install Windows 10 on your device. Learn how to start and administer your device, create a simple C# project for Raspberry Pi and debug your application remotely on your device.

Chapter 2


Creating a Sensor to Measure Ambient Light

Learn the basics of creating a working sensor. Taking you through sampling, error correction, physical quantities, basic statistics and data persistence.

Chapter 3


Creating an Actuator for Controlling Illumination

Look at how to create a simple actuator app for the Raspberry Pi using C#. Learn how to divide an actuator into a set of control parameters. Cover basics of how relays work and how you can control them using the Arduino board.

Chapter 4


Publishing Information Using MQTT

Understand how you can use MQTT to publish sensor data and interact with actuators on the internet. Learn the basic principles behind the MQTT protocol, how to connect and maintain a connection with an MQTT broker, how to publish data on topics as well as how to subscribe to topics to receive pub...

Chapter 5


Publishing Data Using HTTP

Introduction to the HTTP protocol, and how it can be used to communicate with your connected things. Covering encryption fundamentals, how to locate resources on teh web and publishing machine-readable web service interfaces.

Chapter 6


Creating Web Pages for Your Devices

Learn how to add human user interfaces to your devices, and how you can monitor and interact with them. Covering publish file-based content and dynamic web services and protecting your web services using JSON Web Tokens.

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