Free PDF eBook: Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce

Download your FREE copy of 'Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce'

Discover how to bring the best of Hadoop out for your MapReduce system with the help of this free title. 120 pages can be yours; filled to the brim with best practices, tutorials, and concepts for you to explore this book will help you to fully utilize your cluster’s node resources to run MapReduce jobs optimally to ensure a perfectly fine-tuned operation.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the factors that affect MapReduce performance
  • Utilize the Hadoop MapReduce performance counters to identify resource bottlenecks
  • Size your Hadoop cluster’s nodes
  • Set the number of mappers and reducers correctly
  • Optimize mapper and reducer task throughput and code size using compression and Combiners
  • Understand the various tuning properties and best practices to optimize clusters
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