Free PDF eBook: Learning ECMAScript 6

Download your FREE copy of 'Learning ECMAScript 6'

Get a full understanding of the latest standard of ECMAScript with this 202 page eBook download, completely free! Gain a better understanding of the workings of JS and get the confidence to develop with it in new ways - it's time to leave the old, tired hacks and tricks behind and bring the latest ES6 features into your applications!

  • Learn the new syntax of ECMAScript 6
  • Use the new prototype-based features introduced by ES6
  • Execute ES6 in a non-supported ES6 environment
  • Learn how to write asynchronous code using promises - it makes your code more efficient and easier to maintain
  • Find out how to use iterators, iterables, and generators
  • Explore object-oriented programming and create objects using classes
  • Build proxies using the ES6 proxy API and understand its uses
  • Learn how to create JavaScript libraries using ECMAScript 6 modules
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