Why would you not learn JavaScript? As the definitive language of the web, it’s an essential skill for anyone that wants to build websites and web apps. And if you already know JavaScript, there’s a lot you can gain from revisiting the language and diving deeper to learn new approaches, such as functional JavaScript.

Wherever you are in your career as a developer, Packt’s extensive range of JavaScript eBooks and videos will help you learn the skills you need. Featuring content on a massive range of JavaScript frameworks and tools, including React.js and Node.js, you’ll find a wealth of JavaScript tutorials and real-world JavaScript code examples to help you learn and solve problems quickly.

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  1. 3 hours 14 minutes
    Learn JavaScript Core Fundamentals to Create Your Own Web Applications [Video]
    April 2019
    Develop intuitive web applications by exploring JavaScript features and techniques
  2. 3 hours 47 minutes
    Learn to Build Progressive Web Apps using JavaScript [Video]
    February 2019
    A complete PWA guide for JavaScript developers
  3. 330 pages
    Advanced JavaScript
    January 2019
    Gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript and apply it to build small applications in backend, frontend, and mobile frameworks.
  4. 13 hours 35 minutes
    HTML CSS and JavaScript for Beginners - A Web Design Course [Video]
    January 2019
    Explore how to build amazing interactive and dynamic websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery
  5. 642 pages
    Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook
    December 2018
    Over 90 recipes to help you write clean code, solve common JavaScript problems, and work on popular use cases like SPAs, microservices, native mobile development with Node, React, React Native and Electron.
  6. 252 pages
    Learn Blockchain Programming with JavaScript
    November 2018
    Explore the essentials of blockchain technology with JavaScript to develop highly secure bitcoin-like applications
  7. 7 hours 32 minutes
    Accelerated JavaScript Training [Video]
    October 2018
    Take a deep dive into JavaScript, a Must-Know Language in Web Development, with a Hands-on, Example-driven approach
  8. 764 pages
    Building Enterprise JavaScript Applications
    September 2018
    Strengthen your applications by adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD), the OpenAPI Specification, Continuous Integration (CI), and container orchestration.
  9. 17 hours 1 minute
    A Front-End Web Developer MasterClass Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript [Video]
    September 2018
    Learn HTML CSS JavaScript all in one place packed with exercises and source code with examples
  10. 278 pages
    Mastering The Faster Web with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
    June 2018
    Make web applications run faster by using advanced PHP, SQL and JavaScript techniques
  11. tbc
    Modern JavaScript From The Beginning [Video]
    May 2018
    Learn and Build Projects with Pure JavaScript (No Frameworks or Libraries)
  12. 26 hours 13 minutes
    The Complete Javascript Course: Build a Professional Project [Video]
    May 2018
    OO/functional programming, DOM, EC, hoisting, scope chain, closures, encapsulation, inheritance, and modules
  13. 426 pages
    Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms - Third Edition
    April 2018
    Create classic data structures and algorithms such as depth-first search and breadth-first search, learn recursion, as well as create and use a heap data structure using JavaScript
  14. 226 pages
    JavaScript and JSON Essentials - Second Edition
    April 2018
    Use JSON for building web applications with technologies like HTML, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, Hapi.js, Kafka,, MongoDB, Gulp.js, and handlebar.js, and others formats like GEOJSON, JSON-LD, MessagePack, and BSON.
  15. 4 hours 41 minutes
    Mastering Clean Code in JavaScript [Video]
    February 2018
    Learning a JavaScript framework is good and cleaner JavaScript is even better

Items 1-15 of 24

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