Penetration Testing

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  1. 214 pages
    Python Ethical Hacking from Scratch
    June 2021
    Explore the world of practical ethical hacking by developing custom network scanning and remote access tools that will help you test the system security of your organization
  2. 12 hours 16 minutes
    The Complete Pentesting and Privilege Escalation Course [Video]
    May 2021
    Learn and deepen your knowledge in ethical hacking topics such as pentesting and privilege escalation techniques while becoming a certified cyber security professional
  3. 11 hours 43 minutes
    Learn Ethical Hacking From A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course [Video]
    April 2021
    Learn ethical hacking and start your ethical hacking career
  4. 382 pages
    Practical Hardware Pentesting
    April 2021
    Explore embedded systems pentesting by applying the most common attack techniques and patterns
  5. 3 hours 19 minutes
    An Introduction to Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux [Video]
    March 2021
    Expose vulnerabilities of servers and applications and help developers create robust systems
  6. 1 hour 51 minutes
    The Complete Guide to Android Bug Bounty Penetration Tests [Video]
    February 2021
    Learn the fundamentals of Android hacking and understand the common types of vulnerabilities that exist in Android applications
  7. 1 hour 56 minutes
    Python for Penetration Testers [Video]
    December 2020
    Develop your Python skills to get started with penetration testing and cybersecurity
  8. 572 pages
    Mastering Windows Security and Hardening
    July 2020
    Enhance Windows security and protect your systems and servers from various cyber attacks
  9. 502 pages
    Mastering Metasploit - Fourth Edition
    June 2020

    Discover the next level of network defense and penetration testing with the Metasploit 5.0 framework

  10. 550 pages
    Learn Kali Linux 2019
    November 2019
    Learn about the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques in Kali Linux 2019 to perform penetration testing from scratch
  11. 432 pages
    Learn Wireshark
    August 2019
    Grasp the basics of packet capture and analyze common protocols
  12. 660 pages
    The Complete Metasploit Guide
    June 2019
    Master the Metasploit Framework and become an expert in penetration testing.
  13. 424 pages
    Learn Penetration Testing
    May 2019
    Get up to speed with various penetration testing techniques and resolve security threats of varying complexity
  14. 508 pages
    Hands-On AWS Penetration Testing with Kali Linux
    April 2019
    Identify tools and techniques to secure and perform a penetration test on an AWS infrastructure using Kali Linux
  15. 302 pages
    Hands-On Penetration Testing with Kali NetHunter
    February 2019
    Convert Android to a powerful pentesting platform.

Items 1-15 of 23

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