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  1. 2 hours 38 minutes
    Python for Automating Information Security [Video]
    May 2020
    Learn how to use the Python programming language to automate offensive and defensive information security tasks
  2. 252 pages
    CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests SY0-501
    January 2020

    Learn from Ian Neil, one of the world's top CompTIA Security+ trainers in the world, and enhance your analytical skills to pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam

  3. 0 hours 54 minutes
    Keep Hacking and Making Money at HackerOne [Video]
    April 2019
    Learn About The Next 5 Bugs That Really Work
  4. 424 pages
    Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager Cookbook
    December 2018
    Over 60 recipes to achieve a robust and advanced backup and recovery solution leveraging SCDPM
  5. 482 pages
    Practical Linux Security Cookbook - Second Edition
    August 2018
    Enhance file system security and learn about network attack, security tools and different versions of Linux build.
  6. 1 hours 37 minutes
    Build GDPR Compliance for Human Resources (HR) [Video]
    July 2018
    Free GDPR documentation and GDPR human resource (HR) hints for a practical blueprint
  7. 3 hours 25 minutes
    Build Security Incident Response for GDPR Data Protection [Video]
    July 2018
    Get free GDPR and incident response templates and documentation - Practical GDPR and incident response blueprint
  8. 12 hours 40 minutes
    Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch [Video]
    April 2018
    Become an ethical hacker that can hack and secure computer systems
  9. 4 hours 5 minutes
    Mastering Linux Security and Hardening [Video]
    April 2018
    A comprehensive guide to mastering the art of preventing your Linux system from getting compromised.
  10. 330 pages
    Information Security Handbook
    December 2017
    Implement information security effectively as per your organization�s needs.
  11. 1 hours 30 minutes
    Cryptography with Python [Video]
    November 2017
    Encrypt, evaluate, compare, and attack your data
  12. 1 hour 39 minutes
    The Complete Ethical Hacking Series: Honeypots, IDS and FW's [Video]
    November 2017
    Complete Ethical Hacking Series (CEHv9): Honeypots, IDS and Firewalls
  13. 252 pages
    Mastering AWS Security
    October 2017
    In depth informative guide to implement and use AWS security services effectively.
  14. 116 pages
    Learning Nessus for Penetration Testing
    January 2014
    Master how to perform IT infrastructure security vulnerability assessments using Nessus with tips and insights from real-world challenges faced during vulnerability assessment.
  15. 350 pages
    Android Security Cookbook
    December 2013
    Practical recipes to delve into Android's security mechanisms by troubleshooting common vulnerabilities in applications and Android OS versions

Items 1-15 of 22

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