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  1. 242 pages
    Design Innovative Robots with LEGO SPIKE Prime
    January 2022
    Discover how to use the LEGO SPIKE Prime kit and boost your confidence in robotics, coding, and engineering
  2. 428 pages
    Build and Code Creative Robots with LEGO BOOST
    November 2021
    Have fun with LEGO BOOST and Scratch programming while building smart robots that can interact with the world around you
  3. 594 pages
    Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming - Third Edition
    October 2021
    Design, build, and simulate complex robots using the Robot Operating System
  4. 438 pages
    Smart Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor
    May 2021
    Discover how to use the LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor kit and boost your confidence in robotics
  5. 602 pages
    Learn Robotics Programming - Second Edition
    February 2021
    Develop an extendable smart robot capable of performing a complex series of actions with Python and Raspberry Pi
  6. 3 hours 35 minutes
    Autonomous Robots: Path Planning [Video]
    April 2020
    Use the A* (A-star) search algorithm to find the driving route between any two locations in New York City, just as Google Maps does
  7. 2 hours 3 minutes
    Autonomous Robots: Kalman Filter [Video]
    April 2020
    Build software for an autonomous robot by implementing Python's Kalman Filter on a self-driving car
  8. 3 hours 49 minutes
    Autonomous Robots: Model Predictive Control [Video]
    April 2020
    Build a self-driving car and program it to follow the speed limit, pull into parking spaces, and avoid obstacles
  9. 432 pages
    Hands-On ROS for Robotics Programming
    February 2020
    Take your ROS skills to the next level by implementing complex robot structure in ROS Simulation
  10. 3 hours 13 minutes
    ROS 2 New Features [Video]
    February 2020
    Skill-up with the latest features of Robot Operating System 2
  11. 456 pages
    ROS Robotics Projects - Second Edition
    December 2019

    Build exciting robotics projects such as mobile manipulators, self-driving cars, and industrial robots powered by ROS, machine learning, and virtual reality

  12. 2 hours 37 minutes
    Robotic Process Automation: RPA Fundamentals and Build a Robot [Video]
    July 2019
    Learn the key elements of RPA, build your first robot using UiPath, and get ready for the future!
  13. 312 pages
    Hands-On Robotics Programming with C++
    March 2019
    Enhance your programming skills to build exciting robotic projects
  14. 472 pages
    Learn Robotics Programming
    November 2018
    Gain experience of building a next-generation collaboration robot
  15. 1 hour 49 minutes
    Build and Program Smart LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Robot [Video]
    September 2018
    Discover the power of LEGO Mindstorm EV3 as you learn to invent, build, and program your very own robots

Items 1-15 of 61

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Set Ascending Direction