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The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we think about the relationship between software and the world around us. But where do you go to learn IoT skills? And how do you go about actually building Internet of Things projects that make a difference to people’s lives?

  1. 321 pages
    IoT Architectural Patterns in Practice
    September 2023
    Architect IoT solutions in any domain using the vast power of IoT architectural patterns with this hands-on guide
  2. 265 pages
    Implementing Cellular IoT Solutions for Enterprise
    April 2023
    A pragmatic handbook to understand IoT technologies and market as well as implement cellular IoT solutions as part of an enterprise digital transformation affecting both operational cost savings and new business models
  3. 404 pages
    Making your CAM journey easier with Fusion 360
    February 2023
    Take the next step as a designer and start understanding the manufacturing world, mastering Fusion 360 CAM and exploring the production technology’s best practices!
  4. 184 pages
    Blender 3D Printing Essentials - Second Edition
    February 2023
    Follow clear guidelines and practical instructions to understand the free open-source Blender 3.X software and create models that can be 3D printed
  5. 531 pages
    Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook - Second Edition
    December 2022
    Get up to date with the latest recipes for applying agile methodologies and techniques in model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and manage the growing complexity of systems in your organization with ease.
  6. 521 pages
    The Ultimate Guide to Informed Wearable Technology
    December 2022
    Master the wearable technology with over 50 activities using Arduino and ESP32 to build useful, stylish, and intelligent wearable devices and create interactive circuits with functionality that react with us and our environment!
  7. 475 pages
    Industrial Automation from Scratch
    November 2022
    Industry 4.0, PLC and VFD wiring and programming made easy with this step-by-step guide that simplifies complex topics in industrial automation
  8. 244 pages
    Raspberry Pi and MQTT Essentials
    September 2022
    Get familiar with all the concepts related to Raspberry Pi and MQTT, build innovative IoT projects, and discover how to scale these projects to the next level
  9. 360 pages
    Building IoT Visualizations using Grafana
    July 2022
    The IoT developer's complete guide to building powerful dashboards, analyzing data, and integrating with other platforms
  10. 15 hours 0 minutes
    Arduino for Beginners - 2022 Complete Course [Video]
    July 2022
    Want to learn Arduino in a fun, practical, and efficient way? Don’t wait anymore and start your Arduino journey with this complete course today.
  11. 412 pages
    Designing Production-Grade and Large-Scale IoT Solutions
    May 2022
    Get to grips with key IoT aspects along with modern trends, architectures, and technologies that support IoT solutions, such as cloud computing, modern app architecture paradigms, and data analytics
  12. 376 pages
    Raspberry Pi Pico DIY Workshop
    May 2022
    Take your first steps with the Raspberry Pi Pico and take on exciting projects using CircuitPython, MicroPython, and Pico
  13. 436 pages
    PLC and HMI Development with Siemens TIA Portal
    April 2022
    Become well-versed with the tools available in the Siemens TIA toolbox and write PLC and HMI code effectively
  14. 708 pages
    Linux Device Driver Development - Second Edition
    April 2022
    Get up to speed with the most important concepts in driver development and focus on common embedded system requirements such as memory management, interrupt management, and locking mechanisms
  15. 238 pages
    Operator Training Simulator Handbook
    April 2022
    Make the most of OTS systems in operator training and engineering

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