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  • Get an in-depth understanding of the Unity physics system
  • Learn how and when to integrate physics in your game projects
  • Break down abstract game design mechanics into practical Unity physics solutions
  • Program C# for the most common and powerful physics tasks
  • Create a clone of the Angry Birds 2D game with collision detection and resolution
  • Create a clone of the Marble Madness 3D game driven by physics forces
  • Grasp key advanced topics and understand the future of Unity physics

Physics is really important for game programmers who want to add realism and functionality to their games. Collision detection, in particular, is a problem that affects all game developers, regardless of the platform, engine, or toolkit they use. This course will help you to understand game physics better. You will practice creating your own physics components and improve your knowledge of Newton's Laws of Motion and their applications to game development. This course will teach you the concepts and formulas behind collision detection. You will also be taught how to build a simple physics engine, where rigid body physics is the main focus, and learn about intersection algorithms for primitive shapes. You will be implementing 2D and 3D primitives, and we'll show you how to perform effective collision tests and cover one of the harder areas of game development—collision detection and resolution. Further on, you will learn what a physics engine is, how to set up a game window, and how to implement rendering. You’ll also find out how to implement a rudimentary physics engine, which you can use to build an "Angry Birds" type of game or a more advanced game. By the end of this course, you will have gained confidence in translating theories of physics into working game code. You will have implemented all primitive and some advanced collision tests, and you will be able to read on geometry and linear Algebra formulas to take forward to your own games!

The code bundle for this video course is available at -

  • A complete introduction to the power of game physics for Unity 2019
  • Deep dive into the components and the C# programming for both 2D and 3D physics
  • Practical tips based on the author’s 19 years of experience shipping successful game titles
Course Length 3 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781838552053
Date Of Publication 6 Sep 2019


Samuel Rivello

Samuel Asher Rivello is a Unity Certified Developer with 19 years of experience creating games and educational software. He loves games! He served on the founding team of “” and led the team of game developers through the company’s acquisition by Viacom/MTV. He created the custom, real-time multiplayer gaming framework for “” through its acquisition by Quepasa. He has shipped many Unity titles including “Shiftlings” published by the legendary Sierra Games for Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam and “Subway Surfers” created by SYBO Games for Android and iOS. He has taught at American universities including USC and UCLA and has presented at conferences, including Adobe Max, FITC, FlashForward, and LA Games Summit. He has served as author and editor for Adobe, Future Publishing UK, O’Reilly, and more. Sam’s mission is to educate and entertain with interactive technology and to champion best practices, coding standards, and learning. He now consults for top clients as a Unity Game Developer and Unity Tools Developer to “level-up” interactive projects in gaming, education, and AR/VR.