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  1. 314 pages
    Building Big Data Pipelines with Apache Beam
    January 2022
    Implement, run, operate and test data processing pipelines using Apache Beam
  2. 230 pages
    Optimizing Databricks Workloads
    December 2021
    Accelerate computations and make the most of your data effectively and efficiently on Databricks
  3. 438 pages
    Serverless Analytics with Amazon Athena
    November 2021
    Get more from your data with Amazon Athena’s ease-of-use, interactive performance, and pay-per-query pricing
  4. 480 pages
    Data Engineering with Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and Lakehouse
    October 2021
    Understand the complexities of modern-day data engineering platforms and explore strategies to deal with them with the help of use case scenarios led by an industry expert in big data
  5. 167 pages
    Automating Data Integration with Fivetran
    October 2021
    Explore the capabilities of Fivetran that allow data professionals to centralize data automatically and unlock useful insights
  6. 300 pages
    Data Processing with Optimus
    September 2021
    Written by the core Optimus team, this comprehensive guide will help you to understand how Optimus improves the whole data processing landscape
  7. 305 pages
    Machine Learning and Data Analysis with Dask
    August 2021
    Scale your data using your existing Python APIs and data structures with the help of Dask clusters
  8. 280 pages
    Learn Cypher Querying
    June 2021
    Understand why and when to use the graph database, how to troubleshoot query performance issues, and how Neo4j can help you write efficient and elegant Cypher queries
  9. 3 hours 0 minutes
    Building an Interpreter from Scratch [Video]
    April 2021
    Build and understand a full programming language semantics.
  10. 248 pages
    Data Preprocessing with Python for Absolute Beginners
    March 2021
    This book is dedicated to data preparation and explains how to perform different data preparation techniques on various datasets using different data preparation libraries written in the Python programming language.
  11. 576 pages
    The Data Wrangling Workshop - Second Edition
    July 2020

    A beginner’s guide to simplifying Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes with the help of hands-on tips, tricks, and best practices, in a fun and interactive way

  12. 3 hours 40 minutes
    Build an Online Store with React and GraphQL in 90 Minutes [Video]
    October 2019
    Create a full-stack e-commerce app from scratch using React, GraphQL, Stripe, and the headless CMS, Strapi, in record time
  13. 2 hours 46 minutes
    Apache NiFi - A Complete Guide (Hortonworks DataFlow - HDF) [Video]
    September 2019

    Apache NiFi, a robust, open-source data ingestion/distribution framework, is the core of Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF)

  14. 452 pages
    Hands-On GPU Computing with Python
    May 2019
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    Explore GPU-enabled programmable environment for machine learning, scientific applications, and gaming using PuCUDA, PyOpenGL, and Anaconda Accelerate
  15. 544 pages
    Mastering Hadoop 3
    February 2019
    A comprehensive guide to mastering the most advanced Hadoop 3 concepts

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