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  1. 96 pages
    Talend for Big Data
    February 2014
    RRP €15.99 Save 50%
    If you want to start working on big data projects fast, this is the guide you’ve been looking for. Delve deep into Talend and discover how just how easily you can revolutionize your data handling and presentation.
  2. 166 pages
    Scaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr - Second Edition
    April 2015
    RRP €29.99 Save 50%
    Understand, design, build, and optimize your big data search engine with Hadoop and Apache Solr
  3. 898 pages
    Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics
    July 2017
    RRP €49.99 Save 50%
    Harness the power of Scala to program Spark and analyze tonnes of data in the blink of an eye!
  4. 326 pages
    Real-Time Big Data Analytics
    February 2016
    RRP €32.99 Save 50%
    Design, process, and analyze large sets of complex data in real time
  5. 412 pages
    Practical Big Data Analytics
    January 2018
    RRP €29.99 Save 50%
    Get command of your organizational Big Data using the power of data science and analytics
  6. 118 pages
    Pentaho for Big Data Analytics
    November 2013
    RRP €18.99 Save 50%
    With your knowledge of Java and this guide, you can take the analysis of your big data to new levels using Pentaho. Covers all the essentials tools, techniques, tips, and tricks in one handy volume.
  7. 266 pages
    MySQL 8 for Big Data
    October 2017
    RRP €34.99 Save 50%
    Uncover the power of MySQL 8 for Big Data
  8. 394 pages
    Modern Big Data Processing with Hadoop
    March 2018
    RRP €26.99 Save 50%
    A comprehensive guide to design, build and execute effective Big Data strategies using Hadoop
  9. 170 pages
    Making Big Data Work for Your Business
    October 2014
    RRP €19.99 Save 50%
    A clear, practical and simple guide to ensuring effective Big Data analytics for your business
  10. 242 pages
    Learning Big Data with Amazon Elastic MapReduce
    October 2014
    RRP €21.99 Save 50%
    Easily learn, build, and execute real-world Big Data solutions using Hadoop and AWS EMR
  11. 284 pages
    Hands-On Data Warehousing with Azure Data Factory
    May 2018
    RRP €29.99 Save 50%
    Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure Data Factory v2 to build hybrid data solutions
  12. 306 pages
    Hands-On Big Data Modeling
    November 2018
    RRP €27.99 Save 50%
    Solve all big data problems by learning how to create efficient data models
  13. 296 pages
    Frank Kane's Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python
    June 2017
    RRP €30.99 Save 50%
    Frank Kane’s hands-on Spark training course, based on his bestselling Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python video, now available in a book. Understand and analyze large data sets using Spark on a single system or on a cluster.
  14. 164 pages
    Data Lake Development with Big Data
    November 2015
    RRP €25.99 Save 50%
    Explore architectural approaches to building Data Lakes that ingest, index, manage, and analyze massive amounts of data using Big Data technologies
  15. 304 pages
    Big Data Visualization
    February 2017
    RRP €34.99 Save 50%
    Learn effective tools and techniques to separate big data into manageable and logical components for efficient data visualization

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