Taking the time to learn data analysis and data science skills can make you an incredibly valuable technology professional. Explore Packt’s extensive selection of data science and analytics eBooks and videos to master the tools and approaches that are powering our data-driven future.

  1. 281 pages
    Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture
    November 2022
    Get up to speed with the concepts relating to Oracle’s Autonomous Databases (ADB) and implementation strategies for any workload or use case, including transactional, data warehousing, and non-relational databases
  2. 333 pages
    Machine Learning at Scale with H2O
    September 2022
    Build predictive models using large data volumes and deploy them to production using cutting-edge techniques
  3. 723 pages
    Elasticsearch 8.x Cookbook - Fifth Edition
    May 2022
    Search, analyze, store and manage data effectively with Elasticsearch 8.x
  4. 644 pages
    The MySQL Workshop
    April 2022
    Cut through the noise and get real results with a step-by-step approach to learning MySQL programming
  5. 166 pages
    Natural Language Processing with Flair
    April 2022
    Build NLP services from scratch using the Flair Python NLP framework to optimize and deploy models in a production environment
  6. 287 pages
    Microsoft Power BI Performance Best Practices
    April 2022
    Supercharge Performance Analytics and create repeatable patterns to ensure you get the best performance and scalability from your analytics solutions with Power BI
  7. 183 pages
    Getting Started with CockroachDB
    April 2022
    Get hands-on with deploying and managing your database services to provide scalable and high-speed data access on CockroachDB
  8. 318 pages
    Getting Started with Amazon SageMaker Studio
    April 2022
    Learn how to build production-grade machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker Studio, the first integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud, using real-life machine learning examples and code
  9. 404 pages
    Data Engineering with Google Cloud Platform
    March 2022
    Build and deploy your own data pipelines on GCP, make key architectural decisions, and gain the confidence to boost your career as a data engineer
  10. 400 pages
    Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator Exam Guide
    March 2022
    This certification guide focuses on identity solutions and strategies that will help you prepare for Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator certification, while enabling you to implement what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios
  11. 549 pages
    PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook - Third Edition
    March 2022
    Administer, monitor, and replicate your PostgreSQL 14 database for efficient database management and maintenance
  12. 426 pages
    Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8.0
    March 2022
    Use the Elastic Stack for search, security, and observability related use cases while working with large amounts of data on-premise and on the cloud.
  13. 186 pages
    Data Lakehouse in Action
    March 2022
    Propose a new scalable data architecture paradigm, Data Lakehouse, that addresses the limitations of current data architecture patterns
  14. 312 pages
    Scalable Data Analytics with Azure Data Explorer
    March 2022
    Write efficient and powerful KQL queries to query and visualize your data and implement best practices to improve KQL execution performance
  15. 424 pages
    Time Series Analysis on AWS
    March 2022
    Leverage AWS AI/ML managed services to generate value from your time series data

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