Taking the time to learn data analysis and data science skills can make you an incredibly valuable technology professional. Explore Packt’s extensive selection of data science and analytics eBooks and videos to master the tools and approaches that are powering our data-driven future.

  1. 613 pages
    Machine Learning with R - Fourth Edition
    May 2023
    Go on the complete R journey from tidying your data, whether small, complex, or big, to implementing and evaluating a variety of machine learning models
  2. 795 pages
    Expert Data Modeling with Power BI - Second Edition
    April 2023
    Take your Power BI reports to the next level by learning various data modeling techniques and leveraging the latest features of Power BI effectively
  3. 451 pages
    Enhancing Tableau with Python and R
    April 2023
    Take your data analysis, data pipelines, and data visualizations, to the next level by including Python and R scripts in your Tableau workbooks
  4. 1060 pages
    Mastering Blockchain - Fourth Edition
    March 2023
    Demystify one of the most disruptive modern technologies and gain a deeper understanding of distributed ledgers, consensus protocols, smart contracts, DApps, cryptocurrencies, and more
  5. 386 pages
    Machine Learning for Emotion Analysis
    March 2023
    Kickstart your emotion analysis journey with this hands-on, step-by-step guide to data science success
  6. 451 pages
    Learning OpenCV 5 Computer Vision with Python - Fourth Edition
    February 2023
    Updated for OpenCV 5, this book covers the latest on depth cameras, 3D navigation, deep neural networks, and Cloud computing, helping you solve real-world computer vision problems with practical code
  7. 108 pages
    The Kaggle Workbook
    December 2022
    Get on the leader boards in Kaggle competitions and learn valuable skills to supercharge your data science and machine learning career
  8. 272 pages
    Data Observability for Data Engineering
    December 2022
    Ensure your data pipelines are healthy and promote data observability in your teams with this essential hands-on guide
  9. 207 pages
    Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide - Third Edition
    December 2022
    Bring your data to life with this accessible yet fast-paced introduction to Power BI, now in full color
  10. 320 pages
    The Art of Data-Driven Business Decisions
    December 2022
    Learn how to make the right decisions for your business with the power of Python machine learning
  11. 219 pages
    Identity Patterns and Strategies for Enterprise
    November 2022
    Get to grips with identity patterns and design a structured enterprise identity model for cloud applications that fits your needs
  12. 178 pages
    Applied Machine Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences using AWS
    November 2022
    Solve challenging and real-world Healthcare and Life Sciences problems using Machine Learning on AWS
  13. 405 pages
    Data Literacy in Practice
    October 2022
    Accelerate your journey to smarter decisions by mastering the fundamentals of Data Literacy and the mindset to work confidently with data
  14. 677 pages
    Interpretable Machine Learning with Python - Second Edition
    October 2022
    A deep and detailed dive into the key aspects and challenges of machine learning interpretability, complete with the know-how on how to overcome and leverage them to build fairer, safer, and more reliable models
  15. 289 pages
    Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture
    October 2022
    Get up to speed with the concepts relating to Oracle’s Autonomous Databases (ADB) and implementation strategies for any workload or use case, including transactional, data warehousing, and non-relational databases

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