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  • Find and connect with people and communities online
  • Build a multi-channel online presence that supports recruiting activities
  • Become a professional social networking expert
  • Understand and manage the risks of using social networks for recruitment
  • Support your team as they navigate different social networks for business use
  • Unlock social networking as a competitive advantage for recruitment
  • Use a learning approach to develop and adapt a strategic approach to using social networks for recruitment

Become a professional social networking expert and give your organization a cost-effective advantage in the hiring market.

Social networks have opened up whole new channels of communication between prospective employees and employers. They provide perfect opportunities to build a strong relationship with potential employees that ensures investment in recruitment is targeted towards a successful, cost effective hire. Social networks also allow an organization to build a strong employer brand that reaches the digital natives of the world, enabling the recruiter to achieve a competitive advantage.

  • Build a multi-channel approach to using social networks in recruitment
  • Reach a targeted and receptive audience for job advertisements
  • Manage reputational risks associated with social networking
Page Count 28
Course Length 0 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781783000050
Date Of Publication 13 Mar 2014


Amanda Belton

Amanda Belton is an IT manager specializing in agile and lean software development. In this instructional guide, Amanda will walk you through the practical steps to building a tailored approach to social networking, making the most of the resources already available within your organization.