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  1. 410 pages
    SwiftUI Projects
    December 2020
    Learn SwiftUI by building compelling user interfaces for watchOS, iPadOS, and iOS with Swift 5 and Xcode 11
  2. 3 hours 17 minutes
    React Native Projects - Second Edition [Video]
    April 2020
    Expand and enhance your skills by building multiple practical, real-world projects with React Native.
  3. 316 pages
    Learn SwiftUI
    April 2020

    Get to grips with Apple’s new SwiftUI framework for creating robust UIs for iOS and iPadOS using Swift programming

  4. 5 hours 32 minutes
    Android App UI Design with Adobe Photoshop and Material Design [Video]
    January 2020
    Design impressive Android app UI using Photoshop while following Google’s Material Design guidelines
  5. 4 hours 21 minutes
    Building Awesome Color Schemes for Your UI Design Projects [Video]
    January 2020
    Step by Step Color Scheme building guide for beginners to create your next Web Design, Mobile App UI & Dashboard Designs
  6. 3 hours 23 minutes
    API in C#: The Best Practices of Design and Implementation [Video]
    December 2019
    Learn how to write clean code in C#. Design and implement APIs based on best practices developed by the .NET community
  7. 194 pages
    Vue.js: Understanding its Tools and Ecosystem
    November 2019
    Explore one of the fastest-growing frameworks in the front-end development
  8. 1 hour 23 minutes
    Articulate Storyline 360 Problem Solver! [Video]
    November 2019
    This course is all about problem-solving. You'll find easy-to-implement solutions for your Articulate Storyline 360 challenges.
  9. 204 pages
    Redux Quick Start Guide
    February 2019
    Integrate Redux with React and other front-end JavaScript frameworks efficiently and manage application states effectively
  10. 296 pages
    Voicebot and Chatbot Design
    September 2018
    Create conversational UIs using cutting-edge frameworks
  11. 41 minutes
    JavaScript Draw on HTML5 Canvas Element [Video]
    September 2018
    Explore how to use JavaScript to draw on HTML5 element - Practice exercise for JavaScript
  12. 524 pages
    Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook
    February 2018
    Gain comprehensive insight into WPF mechanics and capabilities.
  13. 1 hour 09 minutes
    UI Development with Shiny [Video]
    December 2017
    Progressively explore UI development with Shiny via practical examples.
  14. 3 hours 10 minutes
    UX Design - Understanding the User and Business [Video]
    November 2017
    Expand your knowledge domain on User Experience Design with Business Concepts
  15. 294 pages
    Building Android UIs with Custom Views
    October 2017
    Create engaging user experiences and awesome user interfaces using this guide

Items 1-15 of 48

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