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Modern business is almost always built on the foundations of robust and reliable software. This means the relationship between business leaders, technology decision makers, and software engineers needs to be well aligned.

  1. 222 pages
    Squeaky Clean Topology in Blender
    July 2023
    Begin with a quick introduction to 3d modeling, and follow along as you walk through the fundamental ideas of topology with in-depth examples of the entire process
  2. 351 pages
    Real-time Filmmaking and Animation with Unity 2022
    June 2023
    Create cool animated films and videos using a plethora of filmmaking tools within Unity 3D with this full color guide
  3. 556 pages
    Mastering 5G Network Design, Implementation, and Operation
    June 2023
    Get to grips with 5G network design concepts and implement cutting-edge applications using standalone, non-standalone and private 5G networks with guidance from the subject matter experts working at the forefront of 5G innovation
  4. 347 pages
    Logic Pro for Modern Music Producers
    May 2023
    Improve your music production skills and learn the art of creating, recording, and mixing your songs through fun and interactive learning sessions
  5. 592 pages
    Designing Information Architecture
    April 2023
    A well-structured, easy-reference handbook on information architecture filled with essential knowledge, step-by-step instructions, and practical tips on IA methods
  6. 356 pages
    Power Platform Administration Guide
    March 2023
    The definitive guide to mastering Power Platform through practical skills and real-world business cases
  7. 288 pages
    Edit Like a Pro with iMovie
    March 2023
    A comprehensive guide to Apple’s entry-level editing software from a passionate iMovie fan, this book features a full introduction to the editing process that will help you create professional, unique videos
  8. 564 pages
    Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo
    February 2023
    Utilize Jeremy Hazel's vast Affinity Photo expertise to confidently solve problems in your photo edits by understanding the workflow structure and arming yourself with the most effective photo editing techniques in Affinity Photo
  9. 351 pages
    A Tinkerer's Guide to CNC Basics
    February 2023
    Get started in the world of CNC machining with this hands-on guide that tells you exactly what you need to know without overloading you with useless theory
  10. 247 pages
    Build Stunning Real-time VFX with Unreal Engine 5
    February 2023
    Confidently create professional real-time particle systems and particle asset creation workflows for games using Niagara and Unreal Engine 5
  11. 166 pages
    A 3D Artist's Guide to learning low poly modeling in Blender
    February 2023
    Speed up your workflows with this practical guide to low poly 3D modeling in Blender
  12. 633 pages
    A BIM Professional’s Guide to Learning Archicad
    February 2023
    Move from 2D CAD Drafting to 3D BIM with Archicad and increase productivity and efficiency by learning to use an extensive and complex software the right way
  13. 1088 pages
    Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online Cookbook - Second Edition
    January 2023
    With over 100 practical recipes that offer extensive coverage of Microsoft 365, learn how to enhance collaboration, implement RPA, and develop business intelligence for your organization –with an accompanying eBook for extra coverage.
  14. 341 pages
    An iOS Developer's Guide to SwiftUI
    January 2023
    Get started with SwiftUI and develop real-world, beautiful, and robust iOS apps faster than ever using the declarative approach with key images printed in color
  15. 211 pages
    Music Production and Composition Made Easy with BandLab
    January 2023
    Produce and create music by exploring Audio, MIDI, Cakewalk and dynamic mixing on the browser and share your tracks on social media

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