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  1. 5 hours 50 minutes
    Clustering and Classification with Machine Learning in Python [Video]
    December 2019
    Implement machine learning-based clustering and classification in Python for pattern recognition and data analysis
  2. 12 hours 21 minutes
    Python A-Z - Learn Python Programming By Building 5 Projects [Video]
    October 2019
    Python programming masterclass for beginners – learn all about Python 3 with object-oriented concepts, five projects and more!
  3. 14 hours 29 minutes
    Python 3: Project-based Python, Algorithms, Data Structures [Video]
    September 2019
    Learn to program with Python 3, visualize algorithms and data structures, and implement them in Python projects
  4. 34 hours 38 minutes
    The Complete Python Course [Video]
    August 2019
    Master Python and OOP concepts and structure your programs like a professional
  5. 10 hours 54 minutes
    SSL Complete Guide 2021: HTTP to HTTPS [Video]
    August 2019
    Configure Cloudflare, Free Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate, NGINX, and Apache web servers, create CSR SSL requests
  6. 29 hours 47 minutes
    Machine Learning with Real World Projects [Video]
    July 2019
    Go from Beginner to Super Advance Level in Machine Learning Algorithms using Python and Mathematical Insights
  7. 2 hours 16 minutes
    Implementing Deep Learning Algorithms with TensorFlow 2.0 [Video]
    May 2019

    Build and train Deep Learning neural networks with TensorFlow 2.0

  8. 4 hours 50 minutes
    Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading Bots with Python [Video]
    February 2019
    Introducing the study of machine learning and algorithmic trading for financial practitioners
  9. 2 hours 3 minutes
    Interactive Chatbots with TensorFlow [Video]
    January 2019
    Build chatbots of the future. Create sophisticated conversational agents using NLP and TensorFlow
  10. 18 hours 22 minutes
    The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python [Video]
    October 2018
    Build a Portfolio of 12 Machine Learning Projects with Python, SVM, Regression, Unsupervised Machine Learning & More!
  11. 2 hours 22 minutes
    Python Machine Learning in 7 Days [Video]
    June 2018
    Build powerful Machine Learning models using Python with hands-on practical examples in just a week.
  12. 3 hours 35 minutes
    Cybersecurity Attacks (Red Team Activity) [Video]
    February 2018
    Learn about the different kinds of cyber attacks and how they can be executed

12 Items

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