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  • Understand logical and physical backups in Postgres
  • Demonstrate the different types of replication methods possible with PostgreSQL today
  • Set up a high availability cluster that provides seamless automatic failover for applications
  • Secure a PostgreSQL encryption through authentication, authorization, and auditing
  • Analyze the live and historic activity of a PostgreSQL server
  • Understand how to monitor critical services in Postgres12
  • Manage maintenance activities and performance tuning of a PostgreSQL cluster

PostgreSQL has become the most advanced open source database on the market. This book follows a step-by-step approach, guiding you effectively in deploying PostgreSQL in production environments.

The book starts with an introduction to PostgreSQL and its architecture. You’ll cover common and not-so-common challenges faced while designing and managing the database. Next, the book focuses on backup and recovery strategies to ensure your database is steady and achieves optimal performance. Throughout the book, you’ll address key challenges such as maintaining reliability, data integrity, a fault-tolerant environment, a robust feature set, extensibility, consistency, and authentication. Moving ahead, you’ll learn how to manage a PostgreSQL cluster and explore replication features for high availability. Later chapters will assist you in building a secure PostgreSQL server, along with covering recipes for encrypting data in motion and data at rest. Finally, you’ll not only discover how to tune your database for optimal performance but also understand ways to monitor and manage maintenance activities, before learning how to perform PostgreSQL upgrades during downtime.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with the essential PostgreSQL 12 features to build enterprise relational databases.

  • Implement PostgreSQL 12 features to perform end-to-end modern database management
  • Design, manage and build enterprise database solutions using a unique recipe-based approach
  • Solve common and not-so-common challenges faced while working to achieve optimal database performance
Page Count 24
Course Length 0 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781838648138
Date Of Publication 14 May 2021


Vallarapu Naga Avinash Kumar

Vallarapu Naga Avinash Kumar is currently working as a PostgreSQL Tech Lead at Percona. Before joining Percona, Avi worked as a Database Architect at OpenSCG for 2 Years and as a DBA Lead at Dell for 10 Years in Database technologies such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB. He has given several talks and trainings on PostgreSQL. He has good experience in performing Architectural Health Checks, Performance Tuning and Migrations to PostgreSQL Environments. He has also co-authored a book - “Beginning PostgreSQL on Cloud” that gives an introduction to building PostgreSQL on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Rackspace cloud platforms. He has been a speaker at several PostgreSQL conferences in North America, Europe and Asia every year and continuing to blog on PostgreSQL.