Unity 3D Game Development by Example [Video]

Adam Maxwell

Unity 3D Game Development by Example [Video]
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The fast, easy way to start developing Unity games

There’s no better way to begin building impressive video games than Unity. The free software gives you the tools you need to create stunning 3D games and publish them for computers, phones, tablets, and the web.

This friendly video course will teach you the Unity from scratch and develop fun example games, deploying them to your favourite platforms:

  • 2 and a half hours of Unity screencast tutorials, broken into bite-sized sections
  • Create 3D graphics, sound, and challenging gameplay
  • Build game UI, high score tables, and other extra features
  • Program powerful game logic with C# scripting

This course is for anybody with some basic knowledge of programming who wants to get started in Unity. Start building Unity games today.

Video Details

Language : English
Release Date : Friday, May 31, 2013
Course Length : 2 hours 30 mins
ISBN : 184969530X
ISBN 13 : 9781849695305
Author(s) : Adam Maxwell
Topics and Technologies : All Books, Game Development, Unity, Video, Games

Table of Contents

  1. Learning How Unity Thinks [22:01 mins]
    • Understanding Unity UI
    • Unity 3D Project Structure
    • Game Objects and Components
    • MonoDevelop Explained
    • Creating your first Component
    • Pro-Tips: Understanding A MonoBehavior

  2. Building a Scene [16:13 mins]
    • Creating and Loading a Scene
    • Building and Manipulating GameObjects
    • Adding Components to GameObjects
    • Building and Using Prefabs
    • Pro-Tips: Understanding Unity Cameras

  3. Scripting Interactivity [20:26 mins]
    • Component Basics
    • Useful pre-built components
    • Trapping Player Input
    • Communicating Between Game Objects
    • Pro-tips: Building a Messaging System

  4. Sound and Music [17:49 mins]
    • Unity Audio Basics
    • Building and Playing Game Music
    • Adding 3D Audio to the world - Controlling Audio Sources
    • Pump Up the Volume - Setting Volume and controlling Music Playback
    • Pro-Tips: Saving Player Preferences

  5. Building UI [30:51 mins]
    • Unity GUI Basics
    • Skinning your GUI
    • Game Experience as GUI
    • Game Experience as GUIScore and Time Displays
    • Pro-Tips: Pausing and Ending a Game Round

  6. Finishing the Game - Title Screens and Menus [11:38 mins]
    • Building a Title Screen
    • Building the Main Menu
    • Pro-Tips: Create a Pause Menu by Reusing your Work

  7. High Score (Saving and Loading) [19:28 mins]
    • Tracking Player Score in Your Game
    • Building the High Scores List
    • Displaying High Scores from the Main Menu
  8. Where to Go from here [27:00 mins]
    • Extending Your Work - Expand Score into Combo Scoring
    • Where to Go From Here – The Unity Community
    • Where to Go From Here – Unity 3D Pro
    • Where to Go From Here – Porting to Android
    • Pro-Tips: Publishing Your Finished Game



Adam Maxwell

Adam Maxwell is the Co-Founder of Skyward* Corp., a premier provider of game development services with a focus on providing quality game design and Unity based development expertise. Skyward is also an independent game developer in its own right, developing mobile game for Android and iOS using the Unity3D platform. Prior to forming Skyward with his business partners, Mr. Maxwell has lead a storied career in the industry, working as a game designer, producer or developer for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Microsoft, Gazillion Entertainment and Trion Worlds. He has shipped over a dozen games in his career, including games in the popular Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft Franchises and the MMO’s Auto Assault and Rift. In the 17 years that Mr. Maxwell has been a part of the video games industry, he is most proud of the work he has done building teams and introducing new game designers to the adventure of game development.
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