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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is PacktLib?
A. PacktLib is an online, digital book library. You can view, read and search through every book published by Packt from the comfort of your browser.

Q. So can I download eBooks from PacktLib?
A. The short answer is no. PacktLib hosts book content readable through any web browser. No eBooks are hosted on PacktLib and you don’t have to download anything. Due to this, PacktLib is only available online and currently no caching of content is possible. However, content on PacktLib can be copied and pasted and you can print out.

Q. What books are on PacktLib?
A. Every book published by Packt, including Packt Open Source and Packt Enterprise books, is hosted on PacktLib.

Q. Does PacktLib host the exact same book as the print or eBook?
A. Yes, they are exactly the same. Due to the size of the platform, PacktLib can host more content on one page than a print books, so generally there are fewer pages to navigate through. We’ve made reading through books as comfortable as possible and have included features to increase text size as well as making the viewing pane high contrast.

Q. I like to bookmark my content and return to specific pages, will PacktLib allow me to do that?
Yes. You can make bookmarks throughout every book in the library and when you login, you will be returned to the same page you were reading when you accessed it last.

Q. How often are books added to PacktLib?
A. Our commitment is to add new books to PacktLib within seven days of its publication.

Q. How do I access PacktLib?
A. Visit and login with a account e-mail address and password. You can register for one for free at

Q. How do I get started with PacktLib?
A. This detailed guide to getting started with PacktLib is your ideal starting point for using the library.

Q. Can I trial PacktLib before subscribing?
A. Yes. If you login with your e-mail address and password, you can view 10 free books that Packt has made available. This will allow you to not only consume content for free, but also to trial PacktLib’s features. We won’t ask you for any payment details when you register.

Q. Is content on PacktLib exclusive?
A. PacktLib is the only online library where you can access every book published by Packt.

Q. What free eBook is available to download each month?
A. As a PacktLib subscriber to the All Books Library, you will be able to choose which book you want to download from the entire library as your free eBook. Just click on the book you have selected, then click on the “Select as free download” button on the central tool bar. This book will then be downloaded to your account.

Q. What happens with the eBooks I have downloaded if I cancel my subscription to PacktLib?
A. Once you have downloaded a free eBook, it is stored in your Packt account and yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your PacktLib subscription to the All Books Library.

Q. Okay I’m hooked, how do I subscribe?
A. We knew you’d like it. Visit and click on the ‘Subscribe to PacktLib’ tab from the central information box. Select your choice of subscription and then proceed through payment using’s secure shopping cart. For more information, please read through PacktLib’s terms and conditions.

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