Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Essentials

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  • Install Gnome desktop environment to manage multiple workspaces
  • Access multiple servers simultaneously using cockpit web interface
  • Manage network configuration using NetworkManager
  • Configure firewall rules using firewall commands
  • Use Virsh tool to manage kernel-based virtual machine
  • Manage disk space by logical volume management and swap space

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is one of the most secure and dependable operating systems available. For this reason, the ambitious system or network engineer will find a working knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise 8 to be an invaluable advantage in their respective fields.

This book, now updated for RHEL 8.1, begins with a history of Red Enterprise Linux and its installation. You will be virtually perform remote system administration tasks with cockpit web interface and write shell scripts to maintain server-based systems without desktop installation. Then, you will set up a firewall system using a secure shell and enable remote access to Gnome desktop environment with virtual network computing (VNC). You’ll share files between the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8) and Windows System using Samba client and NFS. You will also run multiple guest operating systems using virtualization and Linux containers, and host websites using RHEL 8 by installing an Apache web server. Finally, you will create logical disks using logical volume management and implement swap space to maintain the performance of a RHEL 8 system.

By the end of this book, you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to install the RHEL 8 operating system and use it expertly.

  • Review the Red Hat Enterprise 8 Linux environment
  • Install and administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Share RHEL 8 files with remote systems
Page Count 266
Course Length 7 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781800201200
Date Of Publication 13 Jun 2019


Neil Smyth

Neil Smyth has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, including roles in software development and enterprise level UNIX and Linux system administration. In addition to a bachelor of science degree in information technology, he also holds A+, Security+, Network+, Project+ and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications, and is a CIW database design specialist. Neil is the co-founder and CEO of Payload Media, Inc., a technical content publishing company, and is the author of the "Essentials" range of programming and system administration books.

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