Learning DevOps

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  • Learn basic of infrastructure As Code patterns and practices
  • Use basic Git commands and and understand the Git flow process
  • Install and write Terraform code for provisioning cloud infrastructure (based on Azure example)
  • Use Ansible for infrastructure configuration
  • Create Packer script for VM/Docker image templating
  • Build DevOps pipeline with Jenkins , Azure Pipeline and GitLab CI
  • Learn to use Docker and Kubernetes to containerize your applications

The implementation of DevOps processes requires the use of tools and the choice of these tools is very important for the sustainability of projects and collaboration between developers and ops. This book presents the different patterns and tools to provision and configure an infrastructure in the cloud.

You will will begin with understanding the DevOps culture and application of DevOps on cloud infrastructure showing provisioning using Terraform and configuration with Ansible. Next the you will understand the construction of the devops pipeline using Jenkins and Azure for CI and CD, and also testing importances and tools.You will also be presented with a complete chapter about devops practices and tooling for open source projects. You will also learn techniques on the reduction of downtime deployment with blue green deployment and feature flags technique.

By the end, the book summarizes common DevOps best practices for the success of all projects.

  • Leveraging ultimate open source DevOps tools to achieve continuous delivery and continuous integration
  • Ensure faster time-to-market delivery by decreasing the lead time and developing and operating efficiently.
  • An advanced and practical guide that assists the business to increase productivity by utilizing their resources effectively thereby reducing wastage.
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ISBN 9781838642730
Date Of Publication 25 Oct 2019