Hands-On Linux Administration on Azure - Second Edition

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  • Grasp the fundamentals of virtualization and cloud computing
  • Understand file hierarchy and mount new filesystems
  • Maintain the life cycle of your application in Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Manage resources with the Azure CLI and PowerShell
  • Manage users, groups, and filesystem permissions
  • Use Azure Resource Manager to redeploy virtual machines
  • Implement configuration management to configure a VM correctly
  • Build a container using Docker

Thanks to its flexibility in delivering scalable cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure is a suitable platform for managing all your workloads. You can use it to implement Linux virtual machines and containers, and to create applications in open source languages with open APIs.

This Linux administration book first takes you through the fundamentals of Linux and Azure to prepare you for the more advanced Linux features in later chapters. With the help of real-world examples, you’ll learn how to deploy virtual machines (VMs) in Azure, expand their capabilities, and manage them efficiently. You will manage containers and use them to run applications reliably, and in the concluding chapter, you'll explore troubleshooting techniques using a variety of open source tools.

By the end of this book, you'll be proficient in administering Linux on Azure and leveraging the tools required for deployment.

  • Deploy and manage virtual machines in the Azure environment
  • Explore open source tools to integrate automation and orchestration
  • Implement Linux features to create and manage containers
Page Count 508
Course Length 15 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781839215520
Date Of Publication 20 Feb 2020


Kamesh Ganesan

Kamesh Ganesan is a cloud evangelist and a seasoned technology professional with nearly 23 years of IT experience in all major cloud technologies, including Azure, AWS, GCP, and Alibaba Cloud. He has over 45 IT certifications, including 5 AWS, 3 Azure, and 3 GCP certifications. He’s played many roles, including certified multi-cloud architect, cloud native application architect, lead database administrator, and programmer analyst. He architected, built, automated, and delivered high- quality, mission-critical, and innovative technology solutions that helped his enterprise, commercial, and government clients to be very successful and significantly improve their business value, using multi-cloud strategy.

Rithin Skaria

Rithin Skaria is an open-source evangelist with over 7 years’ experience managing open-source workloads in Azure, AWS, and OpenStack. He is currently working in Microsoft and is a part of several open-source-community activities conducted within Microsoft. He is a certified Microsoft trainer, Linux Foundation engineer and administrator, Kubernetes application developer and administrator, and also a Certified OpenStack Administrator. When it comes to Azure, he has 4 certifications, including solution architecture, Azure administration, DevOps, and security, and he is also certified in Office 365 administration. He has played a vital role in several open-source deployments, and the administration and migration of these workloads to cloud.

Frederik Vos

Frederik Vos, living in Purmerend, a city near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, works as a senior technical trainer of virtualization technologies, such as Citrix XenServer, and VMware vSphere. He specializes in data center infrastructures (hypervisor, network, and storage) and cloud computing (CloudStack, CloudPlatform, OpenStack, and Azure). He is also a Linux trainer and evangelist. He has a lot of knowledge as a teacher and also real-world experience as a system administrator. For the last three years he has been working as a freelance trainer and consultant within the ITGilde Cooperation, delivering many Linux training, such as Linux on Azure training for the Linux Foundation.

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