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  • Understand the collaborative features of SharePoint Server technologies
  • Deploy and configure SharePoint Server 2019
  • Configure and manage site collections and hub site settings and security
  • Use migration tools in SharePoint to manage data migration
  • Explore BCS for working with external data sources
  • Get to grips with different types of authentication available in SharePoint Online

The Microsoft MS-301 exam validates the knowledge and skills you need for deploying, configuring, and managing SharePoint Server and SharePoint Hybrid, as well as migrating to SharePoint Online.

This SharePoint book offers complete, up-to-date coverage of the MS-301 exam syllabus, helping you take the exam with confidence, fully equipped to pass the first time. With the help of clear and succinct explanations, self-assessment questions, tips, and mock exams with detailed answers, this book covers the configuration of SharePoint Server and SharePoint Hybrid and the process of migrating to SharePoint Online. This study guide is divided into three modules. The first two modules focus on strategies and techniques to configure and manage SharePoint on-premises and hybrid scenarios, where you’ll get to grips with essential concepts relating to SharePoint deployments, such as authentication, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), and the data gateway. The third module will take you through migration methods and strategies. Each chapter includes practice questions to test your knowledge of the concepts covered.

By the end of this book, you'll have learned everything you need to pass the MS-301 certification exam, and you'll be able to use this reference guide for your administration tasks.

  • Discover how to deploy, configure, and administer the SharePoint ecosystem
  • Learn how to map traditional Microsoft services to a cloud-services model
  • Understand the security and governance requirements and configurations of your organization
Page Count 540
Course Length 16 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781839218958
Date Of Publication 10 Jul 2020
Configuring and maintaining core infrastructure to support a SharePoint deployment
Server management from Central Administration
Managing servers in this farm
Managing services in this farm
Exploring Manage Farm Features
Configuring Alternate Access Mappings
SQL Server
Distributed Cache
Stopping or starting the Distributed Cache service
Adding or removing a server in a Distributed Cache cluster
Changing the memory allocation for the Distributed Cache service
Viewing cache configuration
Configuring the cache
Changing the service account of the AppFabric caching service
Performance tuning
Repairing a cache host
Deploying and configuring service and web applications
Creating a web application
Creating a root site collection
Creating host-named site collections
Planning and configuring user profiles
Planning for user profiles
Creating a User Profile service application
Extending user profiles
Configuring user profile synchronization
Configuring SharePoint to use Active Directory
Creating a synchronization connection
Mapping user profile properties
Running a manual profile synchronization
Scheduling profile synchronization
Planning and configuring OneDrive/My Site access
Creating a My Sites collection
Updating the User Profile service application
Monitoring farm Health Analyzer reports and resolving issues
Configuring Health Analyzer rules
Configuring the Health Analyzer timer job
Monitoring storage usage for SharePoint
Configuring diagnostic logging
Updating SharePoint Server and validate the installation
Selecting an upgrade path for version to version upgrades in on-premises SharePoint deployments
Managing SharePoint workflows
Planning and configuring Workflow Manager
Configuring prerequisites
Installing Workflow Manager
Installing the Workflow Manager client
Connecting to SharePoint
Configuring a content type hub
Configuring prerequisites
Setting up a content type hub
Configuring a Managed Metadata service
Troubleshooting performance issues
Configuring SMTP authentication for a SharePoint farm


Aaron Guilmette

Aaron Guilmette is a senior program manager at Microsoft, helping customers adopt the Microsoft 365 platform. He primarily focuses on collaborative technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and Azure Active Directory. Aaron lives in the Michigan area of Detroit with his five children. When he's not busy solving technical problems, writing, or running his children to events, he's likely making a pizza.