Complete Bash Shell Scripting [Video]

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  • Discover how to create and use variables
  • Explore testing and decision making
  • Understand how to write shell scripts from basic to advanced level
  • Find out what the shebang line is and why every shell script needs one

This course is designed to help you automate repetitive tasks and master Bash Shell Scripting easily.

With most organizations adopting the open source Linux and Unix operating systems, there is an ever-increasing demand for developers with Linux and Unix skills. This course covers command-line commands and Bash Shell Scripting extensively to help you become a Linux\Unix OS expert.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at -

  • Learn the basics of Bash Shell Scripting
  • Explore the input and output commands for shell scripting
  • Understand arithmetic operators with detailed explanations
Course Length 17 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781800209695
Date Of Publication 30 Apr 2020


Narendra Kumar Reddy Polu

Narendra Kumar Reddy Polu is an Automation Engineer who specializes in Scripting. He is an IT Professional with 7+ years of experience in different Domains. Very much interested in learning new technologies and teaching. Narendra believes that the best way to learn by doing it in a fun way and has good practical knowledge on automation with different Scripting languages like Shell Scripting, Python Scripting, and YAML Scripting. His Online classes focus on providing high-quality documentation with practical knowledge so that hands-on experience in learning new technology makes learning interesting.