Azure Administration Cookbook

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  • Get an overview of different Azure services and connections between them
  • Secure and integrate different Azure components using networking
  • Understand the different models of identity and access management (IAM)
  • Gain an experience in setting up monitoring and logging solutions
  • Manage Azure DevOps to build a complete skill set of Azure administration activities
  • Learn proper scaling patterns for small and big workloads

Microsoft Azure is one of the upcoming cloud platforms that provide cost effective solutions and services which helps businesses overcome complex infrastructure challenges. The main goal of this book is to scale your cloud administration skills with Microsoft Azure.

This book will start off with an introduction to the management of Azure subscriptions, and explain how to manage Azure resources. Next, you will configure and manage virtual networks and how to integrate them with a set of Azure services. You will then handle the identity and security for users with the help of Azure Active Directory and manage access from a single place using policies and defined roles. Going forward, you will get familiar with receipts to manage virtual machines. The next set of chapters will deal with solving advanced problems like DDoS protection, load balancing or networking for containers. You will also set up file servers, as well as manage and store backups. Later, you will be reviewing monitoring solutions and backup plans for a host of services. The last set of chapters will help you integrate different services with Azure Event Grid, Azure Automation and Azure Logic Apps. You will also learn to manage Azure DevOps towards the end.

By the end of this book, you will be proficient enough to easily administer your Azure-based cloud environment.

  • Understand the different administration patterns for different architectures
  • Learn the best practices for administering different IT systems hosted in Azure
  • Effectively administer, automate, and manage your Azure cloud environment
Page Count 415
Course Length 12 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781838551452
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2020


Kamil Mrzygłód

Kamil Mrzygłód is a skilled software developer, architect, and Microsoft Azure MVP. He is focused on delivering fast, reliable, and flexible cloud solutions based on the Microsoft Azure platform. He has spoken at multiple conferences and meetups, working on open source software (OSS) projects and driving workshops for different people and companies. Over recent years, he has developed an interest in Azure serverless architectures, data analysis, and big data components. Currently, he works at Demant Technology Center in Warsaw. His current goal is to make the world of cloud computing as accessible as it can be so that it's possible to lower the learning curve of this technology and help others start using it.