The Professional Woman's Guide to Managing Men

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  • Identify and find confidence in your unique female management strengths
  • Confidently assert yourself around the men in your team
  • Get straight to the point by communicating effectively with the men you manage
  • Shift your focus from perfectionism to managing the big picture with men on your team
  • Establish trust by supporting and coaching your male employees
  • Successfully use humor, gamesmanship and competition on your team
  • Avoid the pitfalls of managing men, such as not playing the mother role and drawing the line with relationships
  • Master techniques for common male management situations like negotiation and social events

Leading career coach Anna Runyan, founder of and Professor of Career Development at DeVry University, shares with you her secrets to leadership success, gleaned from her years of management experience in a male dominated field. Her career advice has been featured in Yahoo Finance and People StyleWatch magazine, and her site has recently made the Forbes "Top 100 Websites for Your Career" list. Let Anna show you how to utilize the unique strengths you have right now, and instill in you the confidence to be the best leader at work tomorrow.

If you've ever thought that men can seem difficult to figure out, let alone manage, then this guide is for you. Through step-by-step exercises and practical techniques, Anna will demonstrate the most effective ways to communicate with and manage your male employees. This straight-talking guide will take you through exercises to help conquer the perfectionism that undermines so many of our careers. You'll learn to assert and promote yourself, and to coach your team to be successful in their own careers, establishing their trust along the way. Finally, you’ll learn what not to do when managing men and how to expertly handle management situations you might have floundered in.

  • Gain better working relationships and more respect from the men on your team
  • Learn to speak up, walk confidently into a room of men without fear or anxiety, and successfully handle common pitfalls of male management
  • Packed with step-by-step instructions, practical examples and inspiring personal stories from the author’s own experience of managing men
Page Count 68
Course Length 2 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781783000289
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2013


Anna Runyan

Anna Runyan has successfully worked in a male dominated field for seven years as a Government Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. She is the founder of one of the top career development blogs,, and Professor at DeVry University. Her career advice has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance and People StyleWatch magazine. Anna and her husband, John, live in sunny San Diego. Read Anna’s blog at