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  • Understand the crucial concepts of a multi-layered IIoT security framework
  • Gain insight on securing identity, access, and configuration management for large-scale IIoT deployments
  • Secure your machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-cloud (M2C) connectivity
  • Build a concrete security program for your IIoT deployment
  • Explore techniques from case studies on industrial IoT threat modeling and mitigation approaches
  • Learn risk management and mitigation planning

Securing connected industries and autonomous systems is a top concern for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) community. Unlike cybersecurity, cyber-physical security is an intricate discipline that directly ties to system reliability as well as human and environmental safety. Practical Industrial Internet of Things Security enables you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of securing connected industries, from the edge to the cloud.

This book establishes the foundational concepts and tenets of IIoT security by presenting real-world case studies, threat models, and reference architectures. You’ll work with practical tools to design risk-based security controls for industrial use cases and gain practical know-how on the multi-layered defense techniques including Identity and Access Management (IAM), endpoint security, and communication infrastructure. Stakeholders, including developers, architects, and business leaders, can gain practical insights in securing IIoT lifecycle processes, standardization, governance and assess the applicability of emerging technologies, such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, to design and implement resilient connected systems and harness significant industrial opportunities.

  • Gain practical insight into security concepts in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture
  • Demystify complex topics such as cryptography and blockchain
  • Comprehensive references to industry standards and security frameworks when developing IIoT blueprints
Page Count 324
Course Length 9 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781788832687
Date Of Publication 29 Jul 2018


Sravani Bhattacharjee

Sravani Bhattacharjee has been a data communications technologist for over 20 years. As a technology leader at Cisco till 2014, she led the architectural planning and security evaluations of several enterprise cloud/datacenter solutions. As the principal of Irecamedia, She currently collaborates with Industrial IoT innovators to drive awareness and business decisions by creating industry whitepapers and a variety of editorial and technical marketing content. She is a member of the IEEE IoT chapter, a writer, and a speaker. She has a master's degree in Electronics Engineering.