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Practical Change Management for IT Projects

Emily Carr

Transform your IT project and make change stick with this step-by-step guide with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783000302
Paperback170 pages

About This Book

  • Ensure your IT project is a long-term success by creating a comprehensive Change Management plan
  • Build support for your project and new system with both leadership and end users
  • Full of easy to use templates, tips for success, practical examples, and insider know-how from a Change Management consultant to several Fortune 500 companies

Who This Book Is For

Whether you’re an IT Project Manager, Human Resources professional, or the summer intern, this book will provide you with the tools you need to create a comprehensive Change Management plan.  Even if you have never before heard the term “Change Management”, you will be able to immediately begin using the templates to create a plan that will enable the successful implementation of IT change across your organization.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Change Management?
Exercise – defining success
The Pillars of Change
Why Change Management is important to project success
Change Management and the project team
Exercise – team integration
Exercise – supporting Change Management
Chapter 2: Establishing the Framework for Change
Remembering the emotional side of change
Integrating beyond your project team
Organization design
Who is your Human Resources partner?
Are job descriptions going to change?
Exercise – updating job descriptions
Sample solution
Do you have the right number of people with the skills of the future?
How will your run team be structured?
What will your support organization look like?
Chapter 3: Building Sponsorship for the Change
Why do we need a change network?
Steering committee
Executive sponsors
Change Agents
Super users
A final note on sponsors
Chapter 4: Managing Your Stakeholders
Conducting a stakeholder analysis
The change curve
Understanding the stages of change
Surviving the Valley of Despair
Conducting a change impact assessment
Including end users in the change process
Working with the project team
Chapter 5: Communicating the Change
The importance of two-way communication
Push versus pull communication
Breaking through the noise
Conducting an audience analysis
Conducting a vehicle analysis
Communication messages by project phase
Gathering feedback
Creating the communication plan
Writing good communication
Chapter 6: Using Training to Prepare Your Stakeholders
The importance of training
Building knowledge through blended learning
Identifying your training audience
Gathering training input
Planning for training development
Planning for training delivery
Evaluating participants
Building continuous improvement into training
Developing a sustainable training program
Chapter 7: Ready, Set, Change
Putting it all together – consolidating your templates
Top tips by chapter
Spreading the word about Change Management

What You Will Learn

  • Quickly begin to use Change Management tools to improve the success of your project
  • Complete over 20 templates that address the most important Change Management activities and combine to form a comprehensive plan for sponsorship, stakeholder management, communications, and training
  • Build strong relationships with the people and departments that can support you and your project
  • Influence the leaders and end users whose involvement in your project is critical to its success
  • Determine how your project will impact the people, processes, and systems in your company
  • Create a communication plan that enables you to send the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Proactively identify and mitigate “people”-risks to your project
  • Build a training plan that enables your organization to adopt the change quickly and smoothly

In Detail

Transform your IT project and make change stick with this step-by-step guide.

In today’s fast-paced world of change, companies expect you to do more, with less. Drawing on over a decade of Change Management experience as a consultant with Fortune 500 companies including IBM and NCR, Emily Carr shares the secrets to making change happen smoothly.

If your company is like most, the number one reason that projects have failed over the years don’t have to do with technology.  They have to do with people.  People didn’t like the new technology.  People weren’t trained properly on the change.  People hadn’t received adequate communications and didn’t understand the change.  Sound familiar?
Project teams rarely forget to work on the technology, but they often forget to work with the people, and no matter how amazing your new technology is, it’s useless unless people use it efficiently.

This book will help you focus on the people.

Packed with templates, checklists, and real-life examples, this user-friendly guide will provide you with the insights and guidance of an expert consultant, for a fraction of the price. You’ll follow a clearly laid out path from Change Management novice to confident and prepared change manager. You’ll be introduced to the Five Pillars of Change: Sponsorship, Stakeholder Management, Communication, Training, and Organization Design.  You will work step-by-step through templates in each pillar to build and run a comprehensive Change Management plan tailor-made to your project and organization.


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