Making Big Data Work for Your Business

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  • Define the scope of your Big Data project
  • Manage your project with a sharp and efficient approach
  • Build the right team and select the right tools right for you
  • Align your organization to the insights of Big Data and successfully manage change
  • Sustain the results to implement lasting change for a bright future

Bridge the gap between data and decision.

Big Data has brought about a revolution in the way we do business. Essential business decisions can today be informed by the wealth of data now at our disposal. However, while Big Data may appear to be the answer to every business problem, for many, gaining real value from data – gaining business insights is a difficult task. Big Data, for many, is a big problem itself, with many struggling to reap the rewards that it promises. In this accessible and stimulating guide, Sudhi Sinha, management, technology and sustainability expert, provides a unique perspective on Big Data and how to derive maximum value from it – with sharp and careful analytics.

“this is a perfect starter for any manager who wants to understand and explore Big Data… The Big Data field is evolving quickly, and this book serves as a quick and practical introduction to the field.”
AnHai Doan, Professor, University of Wisconsin; Chief Scientist at WalmartLabs USA

This insightful and engaging book demonstrates that Big Data, to be most effective, needs to be weaved within the fabric of organization strategy. Without it, you are simply left with numbers and statistics, lacking purpose – lacking potency. Beginning with the essential stage of building a strategy framework for you Big Data analytics project, and integrating it within your wider business strategy, Sudhi provides you with the knowledge and insight to help you build a big data strategy that gets results.

Big data is one of the biggest buzzwords in the world of business today. And while it is true that it has opened up huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes, it is nevertheless difficult for many businesses to turn the reserves of numbers and statistics at their disposal into clear insights that can inform important business decisions. Beginning with the creation of a Big Data strategy and the identification of the key opportunities that it has the potential to unlock, the book will then demonstrate how to implement and manage your project with the best team and the right technology for your needs. Once this is in place you will then find out how to get the most from your Big Data insights, with effective organizational alignment and change management.

  • Open up exciting new opportunities for your business with Big Data
  • Gain fresh insights into your customers and clients to make confident business decisions
  • A practical and accessible perspective on the most talked about development in business
Page Count 170
Course Length 5 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781783000982
Date Of Publication 28 Oct 2014


Sudhi Sinha

Sudhi Sinha is a business leader with over 17 years of global experience in technology and general management. He started his career designing and developing database management systems and business intelligence systems. Currently, he is the Vice President for product development and engineering for Building Technology and Services in Johnson Controls. He is also responsible for several Big Data initiatives. He has worked in technology consulting, engineering, sales, strategy, operations, and P&L roles across US, Asia, and Europe. He has written extensively on various technical and management topics including applying Big Data to different aspects of business. Sudhi holds a degree in Production Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He resides in Mumbai with his wife, Sohini who is an entrepreneur and a fashion designer.