Lean Product Management

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  • How do you execute ideas that matter?
  • How can you define the right success metrics?
  • How can you plan for product success?
  • How do you capture qualitative and quantitative insights about the product?
  • How do you know whether your product aligns to desired business goals?
  • What processes are slowing you down?

Lean Product Management is about finding the smartest way to build an Impact Driven Product that can deliver value to customers and meet business outcomes when operating under internal and external constraints. Author, Mangalam Nandakumar, is a product management expert, with over 17 years of experience in the field.

Businesses today are competing to innovate. Cost is no longer the constraint, execution is. It is essential for any business to harness whatever competitive advantage they can, and it is absolutely vital to deliver the best customer experience possible. The opportunities for creating impact are there, but product managers have to improvise on their strategy every day in order to capitalize on them. This is the Agile battleground, where you need to stay Lean and be able to respond to abstract feedback from an ever shifting market. This is where Lean Product Management will help you thrive.

Lean Product Management is an essential guide for product managers, and to anyone embarking on a new product development. Mangalam Nandakumar will help you to align your product strategy with business outcomes and customer impact. She introduces the concept of investing in Key Business Outcomes as part of the product strategy in order to provide an objective metric about which product idea and strategy to pursue. You will learn how to create impactful end-to-end product experiences by engaging stakeholders and reacting to external feedback.

  • Identifying Impact-Driven Products
  • Investing in Key Business Outcomes
  • Value mapping to maintain a lean product backlog
  • Utilizing time-bound product metrics
  • Eliminating process waste
Page Count 240
Course Length 7 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781788831178
Date Of Publication 30 May 2018


Mangalam Nandakumar

Mangalam Nandakumar has over 17 years of experience in product management and software delivery. She is an entrepreneur and has founded two start-ups. She has worked at Citigroup, Ocwen Financial Solutions, ThoughtWorks Technologies, and RangDe.Org. Mangalam presents a vibrant perspective on product management from her diverse experience of working with start-ups, enterprises, and nonprofits, both in product companies and software consultancy organizations. She has a strong foundation in Agile and Lean methodologies. She has also coached teams on their Agile transformation journeys.

Mangalam started her career as a programmer and soon transitioned to business analysis and product management. She has consulted for businesses in various functional domains and has helped them articulate their product vision, strategy, and roadmap. She has led many software teams through successful product deliveries. Mangalam cofounded her start-up, AIDAIO, in 2014, to enable businesses to enhance their customer engagement strategies. AIDAIO was shortlisted under the Top 10 Promising Start-Ups by CII in 2015. Moreover, AIDAIO’s innovative platform to design, build, and launch white-labeled native iOS and Android apps for events and conference was a finalist in the Best Event Technology category at MICE Asia Pacific, 2015.

Mangalam has also spoken at various conferences on topics related to Agile and product management. She started her writing journey by blogging on topics related to product management, team processes, and diversity at workplaces. She is passionate about mentoring women and is a vocal advocate for diversity at workplaces. She was instrumental in founding organization-level initiatives to coach and guide women to speak at conferences. Mangalam is also an artist and paints in various mediums. She ran an art school and has conducted art workshops as well as exhibited and sold her artworks. She lives in Bengaluru, India and enjoys playing and watching movies with her son.