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The IT Professional's Guide to Researching a New Industry

Tom Taulli

Get to know your industry for a happy and successful career with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783000067
Paperback32 pages

About This Book

  • The best online tools and strategies for researching your industry
  • Ask the right questions to get the information that matters to you
  • Research tips to arm you with a critical but open mind

Who This Book Is For

If are an IT pro looking to work in a new industry, this book will help you get the right information quickly and easily.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Researching an Industry
Defining an industry
Helpful Internet tools
Chapter 2: Questions to Ask About an Industry
What is the growth rate?
Is there a major catalyst for the industry?
Is there much government support or regulation?
What is the competition in the industry?
Is the industry a fad?
What is the industry's reputation?
Is the industry threatened by disruptive change?
Chapter 3: Finding the Right Information
Evaluating information
Free data sites
Google tools
Social media

What You Will Learn

  • Understand industry categories and how to use NAICS codes.
  • Ask the right questions
  • Get to grips with useful online tools
  • Use social media to get the latest on different industries.
  • Recognize industry warning signs and pitfalls
  • Evaluate sources of information for accuracy and relevance.

In Detail

IT is a booming sector that is a key part of any industry. As a result IT professionals of all backgrounds and specialisms could find themselves working in almost anything from insurance to entertainment. Navigating your way around the job market can be a tricky task; you need to know where to look and what questions to ask to ensure that you make the right decisions about your career.

This quick and practical guide will help you navigate the huge range of industries for which IT is becoming essential. With ideas and tips to help you with your research, this book will get you asking the right questions to guide you towards the industry in which you can thrive.

Get the insider knowledge on your next industry with this quick and incisive book. It will enable you to find information you need to feel confident and happy in whatever industry you decide to work.

This handy companion will be useful every step of the way as you research the business world, providing you with advice and information to be confident in your career decisions. It will show you how to begin your research, giving you the lowdown on industry categorization so can orient yourself according to where you want to be. It will then help you to ask the right questions, ensuring that you know exactly what you need to. Finally it will provide you with clear and practical tips as well as the best tools and places to look on and offline to make your research as stress-free as possible.

From a sympathetic and knowledgeable author and full of tips and insight, this book will be a wise companion throughout your research.


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