SwiftUI Projects

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  • Understand the basics of SwiftUI by building an app with watchOS
  • Work with UI elements such as text, lists, and buttons
  • Explore SwiftUI’s animation and 3D effect
  • Create a video player in UIKit and import it into SwiftUI
  • Discover how to leverage an API and parse JSON in your app
  • Structure your app to use Combine and state-driven features
  • Explore Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design patterns by building sports news apps for iPad

Released by Apple during WWDC 2019, SwiftUI provides an innovative and exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces for all Apple platforms with the power of Swift

This practical guide involves six real-world projects built from scratch, with two projects each for iPhone, iPad, and WatchOS built using Swift programming and Xcode. Starting with the basics of SwiftUI, you’ll gradually delve into building these projects. You’ll learn the fundamentals concepts of SwiftUI by working with views, layouts, and dynamic types. This SwiftUI book will also help you get hands-on with declarative programming for building apps that can run on multiple platforms. Throughout the book, you’ll work on fun projects like building an NBA draft, a water tracker, ToDo movies, and plenty of other exciting apps that enable you to understand the core and important elements of a SwiftUI project.

By the end of the book, you’ll have built fully functional projects for multiple platforms and gained the knowledge required to become a professional SwiftUI developer.

  • Learn SwiftUI with the help of practical cross-platform development projects
  • Understand the design considerations for building apps for different devices like Watch, iPhone, and iPad
  • Work with advanced SwiftUI layout features, including SF Symbols, dark mode, and accessibility
Page Count 413
Course Length 12 hours 23 minutes
ISBN 9781839214660
Date Of Publication 7 Aug 2020


Craig Clayton

Craig Clayton is a self-taught, senior iOS engineer at Adept Mobile, specializing in building mobile experiences for NBA and NFL teams. He also volunteered as the organizer of the Suncoast iOS meetup group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area for 3 years, preparing presentations and hands-on talks for this group and other groups in the community. He has also launched Cocoa Academy online, which specializes in bringing a diverse list of iOS courses, ranging from building apps to games for all programming levels, to the market.