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  • Get well-versed with RabbitMQ’s message queue architecture and features
  • Discover the benefits of RabbitMQ, AMQP, and message queuing
  • Install and configure RabbitMQ and its plugins
  • Get to grips with the management console features and controls
  • Understand how queue and exchange types differ and when and how to use them
  • Get the hang of channels, routing strategies, and direct exchanges
  • Implement best practices to work smoothly with message queues

RabbitMQ is an open source message queuing software that acts as the message broker using the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). This book will help you to get to grips with RabbitMQ to build your own applications with a message queue architecture. You’ll learn from the experts from CloudAMQP as they share what they've learned while managing the largest fleet of RabbitMQ clusters in the world.

Following the case study of Complete Car, you’ll discover how you can use RabbitMQ to provide exceptional customer service and user experience, and see how a message queue architecture makes it easy to upgrade the app and add features as the company grows. From implementing simple synchronous operations through to advanced message routing and tracking, you’ll explore how RabbitMQ streamlines scalable operations for fast distribution. This book will help you understand the advantages of message queue architecture, including application scalability, resource efficiency, and user reliability. Finally, you’ll learn best practices for working with RabbitMQ and be able to use this book as a reference guide for your future app development projects.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to use message queuing software to streamline the development of your distributed and scalable applications.

  • Delve into message queues with this comprehensive RabbitMQ guide
  • Explore message queue architecture evolution with the help of a realistic case study
  • Discover strategies for improving scalability and fault tolerance of a message queue architecture
Page Count 137
Course Length 4 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781789131666
Date Of Publication 17 Jul 2020


Lovisa Johansson

Lovisa Johansson from 84codes has been working daily with RabbitMQ for many years. Through CloudAMQP the company offers managed RabbitMQ as a Service. With 50,0000+ running instances they are considered to be the largest provider in the world. She is an experienced developer with a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Through her work she continuous to write the most popular and widespread educational content about RabbitMQ. And occasionally she shares this knowledge as a speaker at various conferences.

David Dossot

David Dossot has worked as a software engineer and an architect for more than 18 years. He has been using RabbitMQ since 2009 in a variety of different contexts. He is the main contributor to the AMQP transport for Mule. His focus is on building distributed and scalable server-side applications for the JVM and the Erlang VM. He is a member of IEEE, the Computer Society, and AOPA, and holds a diploma in Production Systems Engineering from ESSTIN. He is a co-author for the first and second editions of Mule in Action (Manning Publications Co.). He is a Mule champion and a DZone Most Valuable Blogger. He commits on multiple open source projects and likes to help people on Stack Overflow. He's also a judge for the annual Jolt Awards software competition.