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  • Build and deploy Business Central applications
  • Use the cloud or local sandbox for application development
  • Customize and extend your base Business Central application
  • Create external applications that connect to Business Central
  • Create automated tests and debug your applications
  • Connect to external web services from Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management solution that can help you streamline business processes, connect individual departments in your company, and enhance customer interactions.

Ok. That first part was really professional sounding, right? Now, let’s get into what this cookbook is going to do for you: put simply, it’s going to help you get things done. This book will help you get to grips with the latest development features and tools for building applications using Business Central. You’ll find recipes that will guide you in developing and testing applications that can be deployed to the cloud or on-premises. For the old-schoolers out there, you’ll also learn how to take your existing Dynamics NAV customizations and move them to the new AL language platform.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out already, we’re going to be using very normal language throughout the book to keep things light. After all, developing applications is fun, so why not have fun learning as well!

  • Explore enhanced functionalities and development best practices in Business Central
  • Develop powerful Business Central projects using the AL language
  • Master the new Business Central with easy-to-follow recipes
Page Count 380
Course Length 11 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781789958546
Date Of Publication 9 Aug 2019


Michael Glue

Michael Glue began his Dynamics journey in June 2001, when he became a certified Dynamics NAV developer. Starting with building custom solutions, he later became a product architect, where he focused solely on building repeatable vertical products. Today, Michael works with a talented research and development team as they continue to push their products forward on the Business Central platform. In 2018, Michael was given his first MVP award in Business Applications. Along with his wife, Jennifer, they have four amazing kids and four very active dogs. From coaching his daughters' baseball team, to playing video games with his boys, to watching a good movie with his wife, not a day goes by that is devoid of excitement. You can follow Michael on Twitter (@navbitsbytes).