Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements

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  • Understand the latest Photoshop tools to add life to your photos
  • Add graphic elements to any composition, photograph, or illustration
  • Tackle challenges in editing multi-layered images for your photography projects
  • Develop illustrative skills with Photoshop Elements' variety of drawing tools
  • Understand techniques for professional photo retouching
  • Work with online and local templates to create calendars, greeting cards, and other projects

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a raster graphics editor for entry-level photographers, image editors, and hobbyists. Though it shares many of Photoshop CC's high-end features, it also boasts a significant number of simple to use, yet highly effective tools not found at the professional level.

This book presents the complexities of image editing in easy-to-follow, bite-sized chunks, allowing you to quickly recognize the editing challenge, and helps you to identify the tools and techniques required to make improvements, and to apply those techniques quickly and efficiently. You will start by learning how to import, organize, manage, edit, and use your pictures in a format that's designed for creative photography projects. Going further, you'll discover how to fix a wide range of photographic problems based on the book's extensive repertoire of commonly applied solutions. You'll be escorted through a wide range of common processes that include applying artistic effects to creative projects, custom image makeovers, processing images for social media, and other file export methods.

Towards the end of the book, you will understand what the most important tools and features actually do in Photoshop Elements, answering the often-asked question; What, when, and where would you use these features in a precise and practical way.

  • Improve your pictures with easy-to-follow techniques that help you make simple, fast and effective edits
  • Understand how to animate and add multiple layers to your images
  • Master the Photoshop Elements user interface (UI) with real-life examples
Page Count 502
Course Length 15 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781789808155
Date Of Publication 26 Aug 2019


Robin Nichols

Born in the UK, Robin Nichols has always had a great love for recording the world with a camera. After finishing school, he studied fine art, before moving to Nottingham Trent University where he attained a degree in creative photography. He subsequently worked in the advertising industry for several years, before emigrating to Australia in 1985. Robin has always worked in photography: as a black-and-white printer, a cameraman, a stock photographer, and as a freelance photographer.