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  1. 544 pages
    Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 - Second Edition
    April 2020

    An example-driven guide to take your image editing skills from beginner to advanced using powerful Photoshop Elements tools and techniques in tandem with Adobe’s latest AI technology

  2. 9 hours 12 minutes
    Angular Crash Course [Video]
    December 2019
    Master Angular and create a Single Page App using Angular, Node, Java, and Express in simple steps
  3. 11 hours 55 minutes
    Ultimate Graphic Design Course: Create 40 Practical Projects [Video]
    November 2019
    Use Photoshop to create Facebook ads, Instagram posts, newsletters, YouTube thumbnails, CVs, business cards, and more!
  4. 502 pages
    Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements
    August 2019
    Become a professional photo editor and bring your ideas to life with Photoshop Elements 2019
  5. 3 hours 21 minutes
    Advanced Photoshop: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques [Video]
    May 2019
    Make your photos look amazing and take the power of Photoshop into your own hands.
  6. 1 hour 53 minutes
    Drawing Pad Beginners Course: Draw, Sketch, Colour and Present [Video]
    July 2018
    Marketing is made easy with a drawing pad. Presentations appeal to a wider audience, you look cool and will sell more!
  7. 2 hours
    OpenCV 3 Projects for Photo Filtering [Video]
    May 2017
    Explore OpenCV3 Projects applications in a step-by-step manner through practical examples
  8. 3 hours 3 minutes
    openFrameworks Interactivity [Video]
    April 2017
    A practical guide to creating audio-visual interactive projects with low-level data processing using openFrameworks
  9. 256 pages
    Image Processing with ImageJ - Second Edition
    November 2015
    Extract and analyze data from complex images with ImageJ, the world�s leading image processing tool
  10. 232 pages
    Learning Image Processing with OpenCV
    March 2015
    Exploit the amazing features of OpenCV to create powerful image processing applications through easy-to-follow examples
  11. 328 pages
    Photographic Rendering with V-Ray for SketchUp
    March 2014
    Turn your 3D modeling into photographic realism with this superb guide for SketchUp users. Through concrete examples, screenshots, and images, you’ll learn the practical side to photographic rendering using V-Ray.
  12. 136 pages
    Getting Started with Paint.NET
    December 2013
    Learning the free Paint.NET photo editing program means you can achieve any professional effect you want, and this book shows you how, ranging from installation and plugins to advanced imaging techniques.
  13. 112 pages
    SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials
    October 2013
    Explore the styles and capabilities of Sketchbook Pro with this excellent guide to the essentials of digital painting. In no time, you’ll be bringing your own unique creativity to the virtual easel or drawing pad.
  14. 348 pages
    The Complete Guide to DAZ Studio 4
    October 2013
    Create fantastic 3D scenes and bring awesome 3D characters to life with DAZ Studio
  15. 140 pages
    Image Processing with ImageJ
    September 2013
    Get familiar with one of the world’s most highly regarded Digital Image processors, ImageJ. This tutorial takes you through every aspect of viewing, processing, and analysing 2D, 3D, and 4D images, clearly and comprehensively.

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