Complete Python Scripting for Automation [Video]

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  • Understand how to use Python scripting for automation
  • Get hands-on with core Python and advanced Python
  • Delve into the OS module and its various functions such as and os.error

Over the last few years, Python has gained immense popularity. The demand for the programming language in the job market has particularly increased and being well-versed with it can help you enter some of the most exciting industries, including data science, artificial intelligence (AI), web applications, server-side automation, and home automation.

This course will make it easy for you to learn Python, with an emphasis on server-side automation. You will not only get to grips with core Python but also focus on advanced Python. Gradually, the course will take you through writing a Python script to print the OS name. You’ll also learn how to pass elements into a program using *args. To build on your knowledge further, you’ll understand the technique of transferring a file from a local server to a remote server and vice versa using paramiko.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to automate a wide variety of tasks with the help of Python scripting.

All codes and supporting files are available at-

  • Understand how to use Atom Editor to run a Python script
  • Get to grips with arithmetic and assignment operators
Course Length 24 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781800203181
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2020


Narendra Kumar Reddy Polu

Narendra Kumar Reddy Polu is an Automation Engineer who specializes in Scripting. He is an IT Professional with 7+ years of experience in different Domains. Very much interested in learning new technologies and teaching. Narendra believes that the best way to learn by doing it in a fun way and has good practical knowledge on automation with different Scripting languages like Shell Scripting, Python Scripting, and YAML Scripting. His Online classes focus on providing high-quality documentation with practical knowledge so that hands-on experience in learning new technology makes learning interesting.