Oracle Library

This package grants you access to every Oracle book on Packtlib and every subsequent Oracle book added.

Offered as an annual subscription, this starts on the day that the subscription was bought and covers the subsequent 12 month period. Are you interested in our group subscription offers? E-mail us today to find out about our license packages and how you can save money for your team.

Why Subscribe?

  • The most cost effective way of accessing Packt's full collection of Oracle books
  • Fully searchable across all books in your subscription
  • On demand from the cloud and accessible from any browser connected to the internet: try it from your iPad!
  • You can copy & paste as well as print out
  • Want to save your place for later? In PacktLib, you can bookmark content
  • Houses every Oracle book published by Packt, available within a week of publication
  • Read a PacktLib FAQ for more questions and answers or a detailed guide to getting started with PacktLib

Read the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

$12.99 p/month
$140.00 p/year

How to use subscription