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Whether you’re a data scientist or web developer, pentester or designer, Mapt will help you stay relevant. With courses that help you master the latest frameworks, languages, and methodologies, you have everything you need to stay sharp and in demand.

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Based on industry-leading research, and the feedback from over 40,000 of your peers, we curate and deliver only the most relevant content to you, built around your experience and your needs.

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With Mapt, you can learn how to build websites with Angular 2 or create machine learning systems with Python. Our courses are created by real-world developers, who have been through your pain before, and know the best way to solve your problems.

"I’m very impressed with the coverage of topics and the speed with which they’re updated."

David Reidy - Chief Developer at uTeach

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Our team of editors regularly update our collection of playlists based on the latest data and news from the industry, so you'll always be ahead of the curve with the latest knowledge and expertise.

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Our sleek new user interface has been designed for mobile first, meaning you'll get the same high quality experience whether you're working in the office or the commute home.

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We understand that a developer needs to draw from multiple resources, so the new interface has made it easier than ever to quickly switch between titles, all the while remembering your place.

“It is really outstanding; in my opinion it is the best service that exists.”

Christian B. - Systems Architect at Municipal of Vienna

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Frequently asked questions

How do I claim my free eBook/Video?


To claim your free eBook or Video simply browse the store and choose the title you want to claim. On its page you'll see the 'Claim Your Free Download' button. Click this button to add the eBook or Video to your account and it will be available for download. In your account you can also see how many free download tokens you have left, under 'My Subscription'.

How do I access Mapt?


Once subscribed you can access all books & videos by browsing through the website and selecting to read or watch the content you are interested in. Alternatively, you can access the library's web interface here.

How do I cancel my subscription


You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time from the Subscriptions page. Depending on how you paid for the subscription, following cancellation you should also cancel your Futurepay or PayPal agreement for Mapt.

How often is Mapt updated?


Mapt is updated on a daily basis with over 50 new titles released to the library every month.

How do I unlock Free Tokens

You will receive a Course token when you spend more than 8 hours learning in a month and complete 50 sections. Time is only logged in the 'Monthly Progress Tracker' when you click 'Next Section' while reading or watching a title. Unlockable tokens are only available to paid subscribers and are unlocked in addition to the free monthly tokens provided with Annual and 18 month subscriptions.
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