PacktLib Subscription Agreement

PacktLib Subscription Agreement

Please read this Subscription Agreement ("SA") carefully. Upon subscribing to PacktLib, or accessing a corporate PacktLib account provided by an employer, you are agreeing to the terms of this SA. If you do not agree to the terms of this SA, do not use the Service.

This SA is a legal agreement between you and Packt Publishing ("Packt"). This SA governs your use of the Service, and the content available through it.

Scope of Use

Packt grants you the rights described in this SA during the duration of the relevant subscription (the "Term") on the condition that you comply with this SA. Access to the Service, and content made available through it, is limited to only those individuals ("Users") who have personal subscriptions to the Service, or who are authorized users of the Service under a subscription of a company or other entity (the "Sponsor"). The Sponsor may require that you comply with additional terms and conditions. Your subscription is for your personal use only. Sharing user names, passwords and or accounts is prohibited.

Content Use and Limitations

  1. Each User is permitted during the Term to use the electronic tools provided by the Service to:
    • electronically search across and view the full content of the works in the library specified in the User's subscription;
    • print Sections of a work for such individual User's personal use only
    • Subscribers to the All Books library may download one eBook each month they are subscribed to the service for the individual User’s personal use only; and
    • quote portions of works accessible via the Service in other works that the User creates, up to an aggregate of 250 words from any single text or a comparable strictly limited portion of material in other media, provided that the copyright owner is given proper attribution in any publication or other media in which the quote appears, based on the proprietary notices appearing with the content in the Service.
  2. "Section" means the limited portion of a work that is displayed to the User at one time by the Service. Users can scroll freely throughout a single Section. To access another Section, a User is required to click through.
  3. Each individual User who is a teacher or professor, or is retained or employed by a Sponsor as a course instructor, is also permitted during the Term to:
    • post, for the benefit of his or her enrolled students, up to 2 Sections of works included in the relevant subscription to the Service on the Sponsor's institutional or other instruction-related intranet, provided that (i) the site is monitored for unauthorized use by the institution (or the Sponsor, in the case of a Sponsor subscription), (ii) use of the posted Sections is limited to students enrolled in the User's course, and (iii) the posted material is removed when the course is completed (or upon termination of the applicable subscription, if that occurs first); and
    • reproduce in hard copy format no more than 2 Sections of any work included in the Service, for use by enrolled students in courses conducted by the User.
  4. If the User teacher, professor, or instructor desires to provide access for a course to more than 2 Sections of any work contained in the Service, each student is required to subscribe individually to the Service to access that content.
  5. You acknowledge and agree that:
    • Any use of "Web spiders," or any other automated retrieval mechanisms (other than use in accordance with this SA) of search and retrieval features of the Service), is strictly prohibited, and such prohibited uses include, without limitation, use to download or print content;
    • You will not, and will not permit others (including other Users), to: (i) modify, remove, augment, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit any of the content accessed via the Service, in whole or in part, except as expressly provided in this SA, or except in ways which qualify as "fair use" under U.K. copyright law; (ii) post any content accessed via the Service to Usenet, or any third party website, or providing such content to others by any other means, such as an intranet system, blogs or RSS feeds, except as specifically authorized by this SA, or as permitted under U.K. Fair Use; (iii) assign, license, or otherwise transfer to any third party, all or any part of rights granted to you under this SA, or any content accessible through the Service; (iv) circumvent Packt’s content security measures; and (v) provide any commercial hosting service with access to the Service, and/or content accessed through the Service.
  6. You will notify Packt immediately of any actual or suspected (a) unauthorized use(s) of the Service, or any content accessed through the Service, or (b) breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of any password or credit card information, or confidential information related to the Service.

Content Accessed Via the Service

  1. The content accessed through the Service may include inaccuracies or errors. Changes are periodically made to the content. Packt may make improvements and/or changes in, and/or withdraw, any of the components of the Service at any time without notice, and with or without refunds. In the case of removal of any work from the Service by Packt, all content from that work stored on any hard drive or storage device must be destroyed or deleted by each User, and the Sponsor (if any).
  2. Except as expressly permitted by this SA, content accessed via the Service may not be stored, reproduced, or transmitted in any form and/or by any means without the express prior written permission of the copyright owner. Packt and its content providers reserve all rights not expressly granted in this SA. Packt or its content providers own the title, copyright, and other intellectual property rights in the Service, and content accessed through it. You may not remove or obscure any copyright or other proprietary notices that appear on the Service, content accessed through it. The Service and the content accessed through it are provided on a limited basis under this SA, and is not being sold or otherwise transferred to you.
  3. The Service may include links to third party sites. The third party sites are not under Packt's control, and Packt is not responsible for their contents, or any links contained in them. Packt is providing these links as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Packt.
  4. Packt may terminate or suspend any User's or Sponsor's access to the Service in the event of any actual or alleged fraud or violation of this SA, of the Sponsor's agreement with Packt, of the intellectual property rights of any owner of any content accessible through the Service, or of any additional terms and conditions which the Sponsor has placed on use of the Service.
  5. Upon termination or expiration of the relevant subscription, the User(s) and the Sponsor (if any), must immediately cease using the Service, and all copies of content accessed via the Service stored on any hard drive or other storage device or in hard copy must be deleted or destroyed.

Billing, Renewal and Cancellation Provisions for Individual Subscribers Only

  1. Individual Users are billed on periodic cycles (monthly or annually). Users are responsible for payment on the period billing date. Cancellation after the billing date will not result in a refund or credit, except as provided below in the case of automatic renewal of annual subscriptions.
  2. Monthly subscribers pre-pay on a monthly basis until the subscription is cancelled.
  3. Annual subscribers pre-pay on an annual basis. No refund or credit is available if an annual subscriber downgrades the subscription prior to the end date of the subscription period, except during the first 14 days of a renewal subscription, as specified in this section. On the anniversary (end date) of an annual subscription, the subscription will automatically renew for one year and an e-mail billing confirmation will be sent to the subscriber, who will have 14 days from the date of the billing confirmation to cancel or change the subscription, and obtain a corresponding refund or credit, in accordance with Packt's policies. No refunds or credits are granted for any changes or cancellations requested after that 14 day period. Any refund will be in the form of a credit to the credit card account to which the subscription was originally charged.

Provisions Applicable to Users who Access the Service under Sponsor Subscriptions

  1. Access to the Service, and content made available through it, is limited to the employees, contractors, agents, or such other persons, within a Sponsor's organization who are specifically authorized to use the Service under the agreement between Sponsor and Packt. Each User's access to the Service is strictly limited to the period of time that the User is qualified to be a User by virtue of his or her relationship with Sponsor. If a User becomes disqualified to use the Service, the User must immediately cease using the Service, and all copies of content accessed via the Service stored by that User on any hard drive or other storage device or in hard copy must be deleted or destroyed.

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