How to get the most out of PacktLib

How to get the most out of PacktLib?



How to view free books and chapters

If you’re not already a PacktLib subscriber, you’re going to be pleased to find out that you can login and view a number of free books and chapters without registering for an account. Simply visit the free library here to access this content.

How do I access the free books?

You will have noticed that the books in the main panel have been greyed out. This is because they are accessible for paid subscribers only. To find out how to subscribe and view the flexible payment options available to you, please visit the subscription page.

The easiest way to access the free eBooks is by clicking on the Free eBooks category in the left hand navigation, as this screenshot demonstrates: 


You can select any of these books to read in full, for free. Simply click on the book title and you will be taken direct to the book.

How do I access the free chapters?

From the library view, you will see the list of greyed out books. Most of these will have an orange ‘Sample’ tab like this:


This denotes that the book has a free chapter that you can read through. To view the free chapter, simply click on your book of choice.


You will then be taken through to the beginning of the book. In the left hand navigation, you will see that under the Table of Contents tab, you will have some greyed out chapters with one chapter that isn’t greyed out and fully opened. This is your free chapter, as outlined in this screenshot:


How do I get the most out of PacktLib?

PacktLib has a number of features that are designed to make the most of your reading experience. Most of these are available on the top feature bar in PacktLib.

One of the things you’re really going to love about PacktLib is the bookmark feature. If you are reading a chapter that you want to refer back to at a later date, then simply click the Bookmark this button and the page will be saved for you in the Bookmarks tab in the left hand navigation. Note that this feature is only an option if you login with an account:



If working with a white background is too harsh for your eyes, simply click the High Contrast button and your screen will revert to white text on a black background. To change back, click the button again.



If the font size is too small, or even too large for your taste, the drop-down button next to the high contrast option allows you to change the font size easily. You’ll be pleased to know that PacktLib also saves your preferences, so when you login again, your settings will remain.


There is also an option to print out the page, or chapter, you’re reading, if you want to take the content offline.


The left hand navigation offers you many further features. As well as offering navigation around your library, you can:

  • Access attachments and code downloads for the book that you’re reading
  • Search through your entire library. One search will bring up related results from every book that you are subscribed to
  • The similar content tab enables you to quickly view content that is similar to the page that you’re currently reading









How do I subscribe?

To find out how to subscribe and view the flexible payment options available to you, please visit the subscription page.