Downloading free eBook from PacktLib

Steps to download the free eBook from PacktLib:

  1. Go to
  2. Login into your account using the login box on the right hand side as shown below:

  3. After logging in, click on 'My library' link as shown below:

  4. Once the library opens up, browse through books, select any book that you want to download as free eBook.
  5. After the book is opened, select the 'Free eBook download (1 remaining)' option at the top as shown in the below screenshot:

  6. Once you've confirmed your selection, you can go to this page to download your free eBook:

  7. Clicking on 'OK' instead of 'Click here' will keep you on the same page, and you can download the eBook later from your account.

  8. You can download the eBook in any of the formats - ePub, mobi, or PDF as shown below: