Packt’s Cookie Policy

Updated February 2013

Packt uses cookies to enhance its websites. Cookies are small, non-intrusive text files which we store on your device when you first visit a page. If, for instance, you add something to your cart, a cookie will allow the website to remember that you have done this, meaning that the product remains in your cart until you choose to remove it.

Cookies have a bad reputation for invading privacy. However, Packt only uses cookies to remember information that you have provided us with, such as your username and password to allow you to log in to our website more easily. We never share information derived from cookies with advertisers.

Types of Cookie

Packt uses various cookies on the website:

Essential Cookies

We place one cookie which contains your session ID. This allows us to ensure that your session flows properly - that items you place in your cart remain there, and that you are not consistently logged out after logging in. Disabling this cookie will severely impact upon your experience of Packt's websites.

We will also be placing a cookie if you click the "Do not show this again" button on our cookie popup. This will allow the website to remember not to show the popup to you again.

PacktLib Cookies

If you use PacktLib, three cookies are set to remember your preferences. Disabling these cookies would lead to the system forgetting the last book and page, which you viewed, and would reset your preferences such as your list view each time you revisit PacktLib. We set one further cookie to monitor your browser's JavaScript capabilities, ensuring that you can load PacktLib.

Optimization and Analytics

We place a number of cookies which allow us to monitor our website traffic and optimise the website. We do not obtain personal data about our customers through this analysis. We simply use it to understand which of our pages and products are the most popular, and how these pages are used. This enables us to improve our website's layout, and to produce more content which is relevant to our customers.

Third Party and Social Network Cookies

If you should decide to share any of Packt’s pages or books via third party websites or social networks, these sites will have their own privacy and cookie policies, which Packt Publishing Limited cannot control. If you are unsure about the cookie policies of sites then please check the third-party site(s) for more information about their cookie policies.

Managing Cookies

The first time you arrived at our website, you will have seen a banner which explained that by continuing to use or, you were consenting to cookies. While the above should have explained how cookies benefit you, if you still wish to disable cookies you can do this from within your browser, by following these instructions. Please bear in mind that the website will not work fully if you disable cookies.

If any of the above concerns you, please email us: